Grassley, Ernst Vote To Shut Down Government

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Should come as no surprise. The government was anticipated to run out of money a week from tomorrow, October 18th. At that time the government of the United States of America would have quit paying its bills in what would become the biggest default ever. Such an action would have caused an absolute economic catastrophe.

The senate had a vote that would keep the government open at least another month and a half. That is a very short window. After that we will be in the same situation once again, with Republicans once again threatening to throw the world into economic disaster.

With dire consequences looming in the very near future, Iowa’s two Republican senators looked into the abyss and said “Bring it on!” While they did not actually do this, they did so figuratively.

Think about this. Facing true grave consequences with a “NO” vote for the world and for Iowans, Iowa’s two Republican senators voted “NO.”

Maybe they did not understand the consequences. If they didn’t understand the consequences they do no belong in congress. Maybe they didn’t care about the consequences. If they didn’t care about the consequences, they do not belong in congress.

Grassley and Ernst have been instrumental in running up the federal debt by voting for huge tax cuts for the rich under both George W. Bush and Donald Trump while supporting the forever wars in the Middle East. Yet when the bill came due they acted arrogantly and refused to pay the bill.

Had they crashed the economy, they hoped you would believe their lies that Democrats did it. 

In case you did not know, Grassley is up for re-election next year. Based on this vote alone he should be voted out. But just to add insult to injury, expect he and Ernst to repeat their votes in December. If the government does shut down most of us will be losing our retirements, our savings, our jobs and in short order our houses as the economy crashes. That will teach us a lesson.

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