Sunday Funday: July 4th A Week From Today Edition

But first  Melanie Moore of Georgia addresses the right wing’s bogus Critical Race Theory crap (2:20)

 The right wing and their media empires have taken a truly bogus issue (critical race theory) and ridden it for all it is worth. They have even had it become legislation in many states. As I told a friend when Biden signed the bill making Juneteenth a national holiday that this was a good day. But in Iowa we can’t say why because it violates the new law. But we can agree that Juneteenth is a good thing.

Now we come to the close of what I am now calling the patriotic month that begins with Memorial Day, then adds the D-Day memorial, Flag Day (no we don’t celebrate Trump’s birthday), now we add Juneteenth to the list and ends two weeks later on July 4th. Pretty good lineup, I’d say.

If you want to do something patriotic and cheap during this time, get vaccinated. Your country needs you. And you may get a $10 gift certificate for a free donut. But mostly you do what your country needs.

A) In Miami-Dade County, Florida the death toll continues to rise following what tragedy that occurred overnight Thursday?

B) Iowa’s Governor has decided to send IHP troopers to what state for two weeks?

C) In Washington, DC what piece of infrastructure fell down after being hit by a truck?

D) President Biden and a bipartisan group of senators announced an agreement on what issue Thursday?

E) What other country joined the US as countries that have suffered over 500,000 Covid deaths last week?

F) What religious group publicly threatened to discontinue President Biden’s ability to receive communion in his church?

G) In a real out of normal weather situation, what normally mild area of the country will be experiencing high temperatures up to 115 degrees F this weekend?

H) Who was the King of England when the American colonies declared independence?

I) What senior administration official paid a visit to the US-Mexican border Friday?

J) Friday what branch of the administration sued Georgia over their new voter suppression laws?

K) In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law which will require students and faculty to take a survey on their what?

L) It was announced this week that what major eye clinic in Iowa is dealing with a cyber ransomware attack?

M) With the delayed Olympics just four weeks away, what percentage of host country Japan have been fully vaccinated for Covid?

N) What Revolutionary Patriot provided intellectual fuel for the revolution with pamphlets like “Common Sense”?

O) What major pop star is in the news this week as she goes to court to end the conservatorship of her money by her father?

P) What lawyer to Trump had his law license suspended in New York Thursday?

Q) Carl Nassib made the news this week as he became the first person to do what?

R) Speaker Pelosi announced she will create a special committee to investigate what?

S) According to British researchers, what common beverage could reduce risk for chronic liver disease?

T) What financial firm announced that they will ban employees and clients unvaccinated for Covid from its headquarters in NYC?

When you don’t want to teach kids about slavery but want to preserve confederate monuments, that’s called hypocritical race theory. – OhNoSheTwitnt

Perhaps one of the most widely seen videos of last week – General Milley on critical race theory (4 minutes) 


A) The collapse of part of a condominium building

B) Texas – I guess they will stop immigration. All the republican guvs are doing it.

C) A pedestrian bridge over a highway

D) an infrastructure bill

E) Brazil

F) the US Catholic bishops

G) the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland)

H) George III

I) VP Kamala Harris

J) Justice Department

K) Political Views – how very 1984 of him

L) Wolfe Eye Clinic

M) 9.2%

N) Thomas Paine

O) Brittany Spears

P) Rudy Giuliani 

Q) Nassib is the first NFL player to come out as gay.

R) The January 6th attack on the Capitol

S) coffee – have another cup!

T) Morgan Stanley

Republicans are mocking Biden for showing grief over the loss of his dog.

If you lose your dog but feel nothing, you might be a Republican. – George Takei

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  1. A.D. says:

    Thank you for putting these lists together every week. They provide an easy fast way to learn something new, even when I kind of wish I didn’t know it, like the scary high temps in Seattle and the scary new Florida law. But there are also non-scary interesting facts for balance, so thanks again.


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