Covid: A Study In Evolution

The war with the Covid virus at the present time seems to be at an uneasy standoff, at least in the US. We have come to this standoff because a large percentage of our population has decided to do the right thing for themselves and for society and get vaccinated. Unfortunately, there is also a large minority that refuses to be vaccinated.

Since the last president left office daily cases have fallen from nearly 300,000 cases a day with over 4,000 deaths a day to a now daily case rate of 10,000 to 15,000 with around 300 deaths a day. This is a remarkable turn around. The single most important reason for this turnaround is the focus that the Biden Administration put on manufacturing and distribution of the Covid vaccines.

But the downward direction of new cases and deaths has leveled off at about the numbers noted above. While those numbers are so much better than they had been, if maintained for a month or a year it is a significant numbers of what are now mostly preventable infections and deaths. 10,000 cases a day is 3,650,000 cases a year with 109,000 deaths.

If those numbers continue to hold steady we can make a fairly reasonable assumption that most of those illnesses and deaths will concentrate among those who are not vaccinated. Right now the unvaccinated pretty much fall into three groups – 1) Those who choose not to vaccinate 2) Those who for various medical reasons can’t be vaccinated and 3) children under 12.

We know that the vaccine companies are following protocols for getting children tested. Predictions have vaccines available for the over 5 YO by September with vaccines for over 6 months possibly by December. That would leave the medically unable to be vaccinated and those who choose not to be vaccinated as the mediums for the Covid virus to grow and evolve in.

Those who are medically unable to be vaccinated will do their best to avoid infections.

We are now embarking on a situation where humans are purposefully choosing to be incubators for an extremely wicked virus to evolve in. Instead of getting vaccinated and shutting the virus’s access to their body to grow and evolve in, these humans are choosing to give the virus a place to grow.

If we were to think of in terms of war, US against THEM, we have some of us purposely committing treason and giving the enemy aid and comfort. Certainly based on even the short history of the Covid virus we know that it mutates quickly and is very good at adapting characteristics that allow it to prosper. That is how we have come to the present Delta and Delta plus variations.

So far the vaccine has been proven to stop these variations. But given a fairly large group to infect and mutate in, one has to wonder how much longer before a fairly wily vaccine will mutate a mechanism to avoid or fool the vaccines? 

Right now the very best way to stop the virus would be to dry up its supply of available bodies to infect. Stated simply we need to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible. It has been that simple from day 1. Right now predictions are that the Delta and Delta plus variations are on the cusp of an explosion that will spike the number of infections and deaths.

So if you are not vaccinated, get it done and done soon. Do it for the children, do it for those who can’t, but especially do it because you are a good citizen who knows that it is the right thing to do. With July 4th next week, what could be more patriotic than doing something to save your countrymen’s lives?

Just to appeal to your partisan side, you might have noticed that the preponderance of unvaccinated folks are on the right. If cases and deaths spike, they will be the ones suffering. It is a strange political maneuver to kill your own voters. Get vaccinated so you can live to vote another day!

Be a patriot – get vaccinated.

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    Thank you for making good points and speaking for many of us!


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