Sunday Funday: Happy Mother’s Day Edition

Being a Mother is so easy: (3.5 minutes)

On this Mother’s Day perhaps the best trend I see is the number of women involved in the running of the various levels of government in this country. Having women involved on the right seems to make little difference in their authoritarian leanings, having women involved on the left is truly bringing different perspectives to our national outlook.

President Biden boasts some 45.8% women in cabinet level positions. Hard to ignore half of your cabinet. Let us hope this is only the beginning. 

With women in positions of power we will have people who understand what the policies of the government really mean to a family. About time.

  1. Remember that open letter last January from the living Secretary of States against using the military to change the election outcome? It was revealed Friday that what representative was behind having that letter written?
  1. The “recount” in Arizona took a really strange twist this week when recounters brought in UV lights to look for what in the ballots?
  1. Playing the oldies: South Carolina added what method of state execution to replace lethal injections which are now no longer possible do to a lack of drugs?
  1. Bipartisanship is a one way street: What Republican said last week “One hundred per cent of our focus is on stopping this new administration”?
  1. President Biden went to what deep red state to call for support of his infrastructure plans?
  1. A citizen led experiment in Ames, Iowa involves homeowners no longer doing what summertime chore in order to create a better environment for bees and insects?
  1. Nonuplets: A woman in what country gave birth to 9 live babies (five girls, four boys) last week?
  1. May 10,1869. The US is linked from coast to coast when what Railroad tycoon drove the Golden Spike to link the tracks at Promontory Point, Utah?
  1. Mother’s Day became a national holiday under what president?
  1. What “Oracle of Omaha” took a first step toward retiring last week by naming his successor for when he does retire?
  1. What former president tried to sneak around his ban from Twitter by using a process that fed messages to a Twitter account automatically?
  1. A subway overpass collapsed onto a highway killing at least 23 and injuring scores more in what major North American metropolitan area late Monday?
  1. What group is discussing making an example of President Biden over his support for abortion rights?
  1. What woman won two Nobel Prizes and was the mother of a Nobel Prize winner?
  1. This year’s “Best Burger in Iowa” goes to a bar named “Bambino’s” in what small Iowa town?
  1. A really strange high speed chase in Iowa Wednesday morning involved what kind of vehicle and what kind of roads?
  1. In Idaho Falls, Idaho a girl in what grade brought a gun to school and shot two of her classmates and the school custodian Thursday?
  1. Take me out to the ball game: Fans in what city can get tickets to Major League games if they come down and get a Covid vaccination?
  1. The website is offering $1500 to people to do what for 30 days?
  1. “And the rocket’s red glare”: A rocket from what country may reenter the atmosphere sometime in the next week?

I’m a small business owner. We’ve received 300 applications per job opening this year. We pay a living wage with benefits.

There is no labor shortage. There’s a shortage of people willing to work for $7.25/hour with no benefits for power-hungry bosses. – Dan Price


  1. Liz Cheney
  1. Bamboo – their crazy idea is that over 40,000 ballots were shipped into Arizona from China and they have bamboo fiber in them.
  1. The good old firing squad.
  1. Mitch McConnell
  1. Louisiana
  1. Mowing the grass. In many cases lawns are being replaced by gardens
  1. Mali
  1. Leland Stanford
  1. Woodrow Wilson in 1914
  1. Warren Buffet. Buffet is 90 years old.
  1. Trump of course
  1. Mexico City
  1. The Catholic Church
  1. Marie Curie – her daughter Irene Jollot-Curie also won a Nobel Prize
  1. Ossian in northeast Iowa.
  1. A semi with speeds up to 90 mph that also wound through gravel roads
  1. 6th grade
  1. New York City
  1. Nap 
  1. China

The short version: the Mueller Report found that Trump committed 11 federal felonies and Barr covered it up, exactly as many of us said 2 years ago. For 2 years, those who said the Mueller Report found crimes took s*** because Barr lied to a federal court. – Seth Abramson

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  1. A.D. says:

    Thank you for the tip about the Ames lawn experiment! Turning boring-monoculture lawns into diverse plantings that include flowers and are good for wildlife and water, yaaay. And great big thank yous to those who are doing it.


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