Being The Virus’s Best Friend

President Biden announces updates on national vaccination program (4.5 minutes)

Almost unbelievably, the Iowa legislature passed a bill that will force businesses to not require nor ask for Covid-19 vaccination documentation from customers. Thus they create a situation that is dangerous for business owners, customers and the public in general. 

Why did they do this? I guess it is based on some really goofy idea that an infected person who could be killing their fellow citizens has more rights to do whatever they want than our citizens have rights to remain safe. In one of the most boneheaded, brain dead quotes I have ever seen, we have Republican Senator Jake Chapman, R-Adel stating:  

“Here in Iowa, we will protect Iowans from being forced by tyrannical governments to inject their body with chemicals that they may or may not wish to have.” 

The administration of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has done her absolute worst to manage the pandemic in Iowa. Her focus was always on opening businesses no matter the cost in lives. Understating the effects of the corona virus was vital to keeping the populace complacent.

Now Reynolds seems surprised that nearly half of Iowans are reluctant or are refusing to get vaccinated. It looks like people believed her when she understated the effects of the virus. Nobody could be happier about this than the virus itself. It looks like Kim Reynolds could be their employee of the month.

When we need upwards of 80% to hopefully achieve herd immunity, Reynolds can only produce a little over 50%. But she wants businesses not to do anything to try to keep their businesses Covid free. Thus she and her legislative colleagues create a good milieu for the virus to thrive. 

If the virus were a stable organism that will not be mutating to keep itself reproducing that may be OK. But we have learned from evolution and we see that evolution in action that the virus will mutate to keep its species alive and capable of finding new hosts.

So those who refuse vaccines, but expect to have no restrictions in public becomes the perfect food source for a mutated Covid virus. As the virus invades a food source, it will proliferate throughout the body creating more and more viruses to spread to other host. These viruses may have mutations.

As they continue to mutate, they may eventually mutate around the ability of vaccines to continue to offer protection. And BINGO we have an ultra-pandemic with nothing to protect people from the virus’s wrath.

By the way, let me remind you that death by corona virus is particularly nasty. Descriptions often sound like a very slow drowning experience, not happening in a few minutes, but over days, maybe even weeks of gasping for air. There are much more complications but that one is more than enough to get my attention.

For those who do survive, we have no idea what the long term effects may be. Even if a person was asymptomatic, there may be problems pop up down the road. If a person did have symptoms they may be having problems for the rest of their lives. This may show up in long term heart or lung problems or other systemic problems that may manifest itself with a lot of pain. We just don’t know. We do know the vaccines work.

What we do know is that with the explosion of Covid in India, you can bet the virus is mutating. You can also bet that those mutations will get to Iowa. Actually there already are Indian variations in Iowa. Giving this virus an environment to survive and maybe even flourish again is just Palin stuff, stupid, stupid.

And that is Reynolds style of leadership.

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