Sunday Funday: Women’s Month, St. Patty’s Day And Pi! Oh My Edition

Randy Rainbow:

We are digging out of the pandemic and it feels good! Thank you President Biden! Don’t go nuts yet. There is still some 1500 dying every day from the virus, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A huge thank you to those in the medical community who have given us their lives for the past year. Thank you.

Many themes come together this week. Besides those listed in the headline we will also be watching the opening rounds of both the Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments. Watch out for Hawkeyes in both! Expect more action in congress as Democrats try to make up for many lost years. You may see some action in your bank accounts as stimulus checks should begin being dispersed.

As if that wasn’t enough we have to deal with the annual changing of clocks today and the start of Spring at the end of the week. What a week!

Last week wasn’t bad either.

  1. Iowa’s Governor signed a Republican bill attempting to suppress the vote in Iowa. Her signature was almost immediately met with a lawsuit filed by what group?
  1. Chuck Grassley refused to give this person a hearing in 2016 when he was nominated for SCOTUS. Who was confirmed as the new US Attorney General last week?
  1. What former personal attorney to the previous president finished his seventh session of testifying to a Grand Jury last week?
  1. In the early 1960s this woman literally gave birth to the environmental movement with the publishing of her book “Silent Spring”?
  1. Approximately how many Americans (+- 10 million) claim Irish heritage?
  1. What state beat Iowa to giving immunity to drivers who hit protestors last week?
  1. President Biden marked International Women’s Day by nominating what in the US Army?
  1. Mask wars in Texas. Texas AG Ken Paxton sued what major Texas city for their refusal to rescind their mask mandate?
  1. Pi is most generally defined as the circumference of a circle divided by what?
  1. Andrea Sahouri was found not guilty by a jury in a Freedom of the Press case brought on by her arrest by police in what city?
  1. The Wall Street Journal is reporting of another taped phone call from what politician to a Georgia election official?
  1. Colorado congress critter Lauren Boebert is being roundly criticized for an ad she made criticizing Speaker Pelosi that ends with what sound effect?
  1. Pressure continues to grow on what Governor to resign over allegations of abusing women?
  1. It looks like Californians have enough signatures o force a recall vote on what Governor?
  1. Who wrote “The Feminine Mystique” in 1968 and became a leading figure in the Women’s Movement?
  2. Moneygall is the Irish ancestral home of what US president? (Hint: we learned this about a decade ago)
  1. The US House passed and sent to the US Senate HR1 a bill that deals with what?
  1. Russia and China announced they would work together to build a space station where?
  1. Who sent a cease and desist letter to the Republican National Committee demanding they stop using his name in fundraising without explicit permission?
  1. Governor Asa Hutchinson of which state signed an anti-abortion bill that allows abortions only “to save the life if a pregnant woman in a medical emergency”?

Democrats accomplishments since Biden was sworn in.  Passed massive relief bill, developed real plan to fight covid, getting more than 2 millions shots in arms a day and rolling back the most oppressive elements of Trump agenda. Republicans — read some children’s books. – Joe Lockhart


  1. LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens)
  1. Merrick Garland
  1. Michael Cohen
  1. Rachel Carson
  1. 35 million including yours truly
  1. Oklahoma
  1. Two Female 4 star combatant commanders:  (The nominations of Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost of the Air Force to commander of United States Transportation Command and Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson of the Army to commander of United States Southern Command) 
  1. The capital city, Austin
  1. The diameter
  1. Des Moines, Iowa
  1. The previous president
  1. A shooting gun
  1. NY’s Andrew Cuomo
  1. Gavin Newsom
  1. Betty Friedan
  1. Barack Obama
  1. Voting rights
  1. On or near the moon
  1. The previous president
  1. Arkansas

When Republicans speak of “quality” votes, it’s just another word for white. – Woman In The Moon tweet

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  1. Pat Lydon says:

    It is St. Paddy’s Day rather than St. Patty. Paddy is the male form.


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