Taking Credit Where Credit Ain’t Due


Ex-Presidents Urge Americans to Get Vaccinated  

March 11, 2021 at 6:46 am EST By Taegan Goddard 106 Comments

All of the living former presidents have joined in a new ad campaign urging Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine—all of them, that is, except one.

Donald Trump didn’t take part in the campaign and instead issued a statement saying “I hope everyone remembers” the vaccine wouldn’t exist without him.

When President Biden took the oath of office on January 20th, 2021 the United States was at the very depths of the effects of the coronavirus. Over 200,000 + a day were being infected (some days over 300,000); 4,000 a day were dying; hospitals were once again bursting at the seems; a vaccination program was in its initial phase, but was being run so badly that some 20,000,000 vials of vaccine ‘disappeared.’ 

Perhaps the worst aspect of the whole mess was that the previous administration refused to convey any information to the incoming administration in a blatant attempt to make the incoming administration fail on the most important issue this country has faced since WWII.

Despite all that we have the former guy claiming that the vaccines would not exist were it not for him. This is what we in Iowa call unmitigated hogwash. Whoever was president at that time would have (or should I say SHOULD HAVE) done exactly the same thing. Given the former guy’s track record it is amazing that in this one instance he did the right thing.

On the same day we have Mitch McConnell on the floor of the senate claiming that the vaccine program would not be where it is now were it not for the former guy. While McConnell was trying to claim that the former guy’s leadership on the vaccination program was good, America knows that the Biden Administration rescued a disaster and turned it into what seems to be on the path to spectacular success.

So once again we have the repeating phenomena of Republicans doing all they can to stop or in someway undermine a program, then some time later claiming that they were behind the program all along and were in some way responsible for a programs success. Joni Ernst is one of the most blatant abusers of this practice. On one hand she praises Social Security while working behind the scenes to destroy it.

The Biden Administration comes in and in less than two months turns the vaccination program completely around. What on January 20th looked like a program destined to go into the “gummint can’t do nothing good” pile is turning into one of the major successes of all time. So look who shows up take credit. 

The second most consequential issue of today is to get the country’s economy and schools rolling again. To do this, the Biden Administration and Democrats in congress delivered the American Rescue Plan (ARP). This program needed to be big and bold because the pandemic delivered such a massive wallop to the average American and small businesses. While the Democrats stepped up, Republicans did all they could to stop any progress.

Republicans have offered little but tears in their beer over the amount of money and claims that the economy is already recovering. Not one Republican – including such self appointed mavericks as Romney and Murkowski – had the guts to truly evaluate the bill and vote in favor of it. The only Republican who did not vote NO was missing due to a death in his family.

Yet you can almost bet the farm right now that come election season 2022 you will hear many claims of how this or that Republican was behind the (soon to be highly successful) program all the way. They will be taking credit for saving family homes and businesses despite their NO vote.

We can certainly expect that from Iowa’s first and second district congress members. Should Mariannette Miller-Meeks survive a thorough examination of the vote here in the second district – and I do not believe she will – we can surely expect her to proudly take credit for the success of the ARP even though she had nothing to do with it. Same with Ashley Hinson. Because that is what Republicans do.

No doubt Ernst will take credit for successes here and there without ever mentioning the the Relief bill made such successes possible. Should Grassley run again, it simply won’t get mentioned. If it does Grassley will just blow it off and an intimidated press will drop it for fear of Grassley’s wrath. We have seen this movie before.

Randy Feenstra will probably campaign against the Relief bill in what is one of the few districts in America where such a campaign can probably be successful.

As the Biden Administration chalks up one success after another for the American people, we can fully expect Republicans to use their huge media presence and their spin machine to make it seem like they – the Republican Party – was primarily responsible for these successes.

We have seen this movie before. 

hat tip to EarlG at democraticunderground.com

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