Sunday Funday: Never Thought I’d See It Edition

There was just so much history going on in the clip above it makes the mind spin. The first female member of the executive branch is sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. The VP is being sworn in on the personal bible of the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. 

Justice Marshall is in my humble opinion one of the greatest Americans ever to live. He crafted and executed the NAACP’s strategy to attack systemic racism through the courts. Marshall’s life was always in danger wherever he went because his strategy was highly successful. While others made headlines Marshall knocked down barrier after barrier. Most people will probably recognize Marshall’s signature win, the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. This is the case that definitively struck down the bogus “separate but equal” fantasy for public schools and accommodations.

Then to add to the mix, the oath was administered by America’s only Latina justice and one of the handful of women that have served on the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor. And as a little Easter egg in the whole proceedings I understand VP Harris wore purple in honor of Rep. Shirley Chisholm, the first woman to make a serious run at the presidency in the 1970s.

I mean a whole lot of history going on there, folks!

Now to my challenge: Can I write a quiz without referring to a certain former US official? Let’s see!

  1. Less that 24 hours into his presidency, President Biden had impeachment charges filed against him by what Qanon member of Congress?
  1. What member of the previous administration represented that administration at the inauguration Wednesday?
  1. After finally being able to view the previous administration’s corona virus plan, the Biden Administration found the previous plan was what?
  1. January 19th saw what sad record established for the pandemic in the US?
  1. Optimism abounds that what 3rd vaccine will be approved in the next couple of weeks?
  1. President Biden went immediately to work following his swearing in, signing a series of what to start action on various issues moving?
  1. The baseball world was saddened Friday when they woke up to the news that what legend had died overnight?
  1. Iowa has had how many people arrested by the FBI in connection with the attempted coup on January 6th?
  1. After a long delay Iowa Governor Reynolds finally announced that what age Iowans will be eligible for coronavirus vaccines beginning in February?
  1. Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann said who still has a big following in Iowa?
  1. Fees as high as $50,000 and more were paid to those close to the previous president to influence the previous president to grant a what on his way out the door?
  1. President Biden named Jessica Rosenworcel to lead the FCC, replacing what super friendly to industry former FCC chair?
  1. According to NASA and NOAA where did 2020 land in list of hottest years?
  1. A new era in press relations began in the White House Wednesday when what new WH Press Secretary took questions from the news media?
  1. Amanda Gorman was one of the people who stood out during the inauguration. What did Amanda Gorman do?
  1. Another stand out during the inauguration was what senator who wore a very warm looking pair of mittens while sitting in a very comfortable chair?
  1. Hurricane level winds sparked wild fires once again in what state hard hit by fires the past year?
  1. Which living former president was unable to attend Biden’s inauguration due to health concerns? (Note: Not Trump)
  1. The FBI is investigating whether Riley June Williams tried to sell a laptop stolen from whom to Russia?
  1. In Russia, what opposition leader and poisoning victim was arrested immediately upon his return to Russia?

OK, so Trump didn’t have a vaccine plan, but in all fairness he was busy plotting the violent overthrow of the government. – Andy Borowitz


  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  1. Former VP Mike Pence
  1. Non-existent
  1. The highest number of deaths in a single day (4409)
  1. Johnson and Johnson
  1. Executive Orders
  1. Henry Aaron
  1. 2 – one from Cedar Rapids and one from Des Moines 
  1. 65 and older – the schedule will depend on availability of vaccine
  1. Trump 
  1. Pardon – essentially pardons were for sale
  1. Ajit Pai
  1. 2020 is #2, just behind 2016 and just ahead of the previous #2, 2019
  1. Jen Psaki
  1. She read a poem she wrote specifically for the inauguration and wowed everyone.
  1. Bernie Sanders
  1. California
  1. Jimmy Carter – at 96 there were travel concerns and possible exposure to corona virus
  1. Speaker Pelosi
  1. Alexei Navalny

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