War Has Been Declared On Corona Virus!

President Biden Declares War On The Pathogen

Stepping right up to the plate on day 1 of his administration, newly inaugurated President Joseph R. Biden said his administration will take bold and decisive action to end the ravage the virus has caused on the country. “100,000,000 vaccines in 100 days” Biden declared.

Biden then signed a series of executive orders to kick the war off, including an order to wear masks on federal property.

The Biden Administration is taking over for an administration that had no real plans for combatting the virus thus giving the virus pretty much an open field to grow in despite heroic efforts by medical personnel. States were left to their own devices to attempt to control the virus. This led to a hodge-podge of policies across the country including most Republican led states that had little in virus control policies.

With this declaration, the Biden Administration puts in place a coordinated national plan that will control the distribution and administration of vaccines. 

This will be a huge national effort in the vein of WWII or the space race of Cold War days. 

Our part as citizens in this battle will be very simple:

  1. Wear a mask in public. This is a simple request. You don’t want other people’s germs, they don’t want yours. Be an adult. Dressing fully these days means covering your mouth and nose. The same as you wouldn’t go out without pants, nor should you go out without a mask. No shirt, No shoes, No mask, no service.
  1. Stay home or stay out of crowds while the medical community has a chance to fight the enemy. If you must go out, wear a mask! Giving other people your disease is not your right or anybody else’s!
  1. When you turn comes, GET THE VACCINE! Do your part!

Be a patriot. Help your country and your fellow citizens out. The more everyone helps out, the sooner we get back to normal!

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