How To Lobby for COVID Relief Virtually Or in Person

Action alert from CCI Action Fund

We need accessible healthcare, housing, education, and good jobs for everyone. But politicians like Governor Kim Reynolds are standing in our way.

Next Tuesday, January 12, Reynolds will give her Condition of the State address. She’ll do what she does best. She’ll tell lies, encourage division, and promote policies that let her hand out millions to corporate giants like Smithfield, Tyson, and Amazon.

But on Tuesday, CCI Action will tell the real story. We’ll tell the stories of Iowans who are struggling to make ends meet. We’ll demand a Billion Dollar Relief Fund that keeps us all safe, healthy, and thriving.

Here are two ways you can join us:

(Can’t attend either event, but still want to share your story on January 12 about how the pandemic has impacted you or your community? We’re accepting videos! Send us an email if you’re interested in recording one.)

Real COVID relief is possible. We can heal our communities, heal our planet, and ensure that everyone has a good-paying job where we can make ends meet. We can guarantee free healthcare, good wages for workers, and good prices for farmers.

Next Tuesday, on January 12, CCI Action members are gathering online and safely at the Iowa Statehouse to demand real COVID relief that keeps every person in Iowa safe and healthy.

Join us on January 12, online and in person. 

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