IA-02 Recount Update: Rita Hart Statement On Swearing-In Day

January 3, 2020

WHEATLAND, IOWA — IA-02 Democratic candidate Rita Hart issued the following statement on Mariannette Miller-Meeks being provisionally seated today:

“Twenty-two voters in Iowa’s Second Congressional District still have not had their legally cast votes counted and thousands of other voters have not had their ballots examined,” said Rita Hart. “This race is currently separated by just six votes, making it one of the very closest federal races in the last 100 years. As this provisional seating makes clear, we will not know who won this race until all votes have been counted. It is most important that we get this right and that the candidate who has received the most votes is seated. The steps being taken by the House are appropriate  to ensure all Iowans’ votes are counted and I look forward to a complete review of the election.”

As a reminder, here’s what some of the IA-02 voters whose legally-cast ballots have yet to be counted had to say last week:

Johnson County voter Trajae Lackland:

“This is my first time voting and I was really excited to elect Rita for my first person vote,”  “You know, coming from history and … how people of color, wasn’t being able to vote, it really hurts my heart that I didn’t, I didn’t get to vote.”

Johnson County voter Mike Overholt”

“I submitted my ballot, and I sealed the envelopes as best I could. And then made sure to put them in the ballot box and, what I found out about mine was that the glue didn’t stick right … So I, I was really disappointed when I heard that this was the reason why my ballot wasn’t counted, just because of the, the number of sacrifices and arrangements we made to try to get this to take part in the, in the vote and I especially want my vote to count because I did it legally.”

Scott County voter Jo Donna Loetz:

“I want my vote to be counted, you know I had voted ever since I’ve been 18 years old, and I think it’s my right to do that and I want certain people in the offices, so I think something should be done.”

Johnson County voter Sadie Rhomberg:

“I later found out that my ballot was not counted due to an issue with the envelope. So, yeah I was pretty disappointed because voting is very important to me as a woman and as an American citizen, I think it’s important to exercise your vote, your right to vote. And I was very sad to hear that my vote wasn’t counted because it’s important to me. I’m glad that we’re doing this and it’s pretty obvious that at least in Iowa, not all the votes were counted.”

The proposed rules package for the 117th Congress includes funding for the House Committee on Administration to review this race. The Associated Press has yet to call a winner in this race.

For the full text of Rita Hart’s Notice of Contest, please click HERE.

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