Sunday Funday: Santa Lucia Edition


Today is Santa Lucia Day. This is celebrated mostly in the very Northern European countries such as Sweden and Norway. My understanding is the reason for the celebration is that the sun is returning in the evening hours as the sun goes down later from here until the first day of summer. Lucia comes from the Latin word lux which means light.

This year this is another step to the sanity of the Biden administration. The darkness of the past four years will soon be gone.

Well let’s see if we can bring a little light into your lives.

  1. What is the name of the Texas Attorney General who filed the lawsuit seeking to change how other states run their elections?
  1. Many folks claim the Texas AG has an ulterior motive in filing the above lawsuit. What would that be?
  1. What flamboyant personal lawyer to the current president tested positive for corona virus last Sunday?
  1. Who refused to purchase additional amounts of Pfizer’s corona virus vaccine when give many chances to do that last summer?
  1. The second recipient of the corona virus vaccine in Great Britain will be more famous than the first. Why?
  1. When will the Electoral college cast their votes for president?
  1. As of last Tuesday, every county in Iowa has recorded at least one what?
  1. PE Biden’s pick for Secretary of Defense is somewhat controversial because of what in his background?
  1. Name three huge American corporations that are calling for congress to pass a stimulus bill?
  1. A memorial in Idaho dedicated to the life of what WWII heroine(?) was desecrated with Nazi symbols last week?
  1. The current president issued an executive order Monday aimed at having what done with corona virus vaccines?
  1. What college football team voted to end its season as of Monday, due to the corona virus?
  1. Time named Biden and Harris as the “Person of the Year.” What world known magazine name Dear Leader as the “Loser of the Year”?
  1. First time unemployment filings headed which direction last week?
  1. Rebekah Jones of Florida had her house raided by Florida police last week for what reason?
  1. The Federal Trade Commission was joined by 46 states in filing a lawsuit accusing what company of anti-competitive business practices?
  1. According to a survey of 249 congressional Republicans (senate and House) how many said Joe Biden had been elected president?
  1. What two planets will appear to come close enough together on December 21st to create the effect of a “Christmas star”?
  1. Although we have heard little about corona virus vaccines in Russia, they have been vaccinating for a while. Their vaccine has the interesting name of what?
  1. Michigan’s electors will be given what service when they meet at the state capital in Lansing to cast their electoral college votes?

Pretty weird how no one in the White House wears a mask and everyone in the White House is getting covid. If only there were some obvious conclusion we could draw from this. – Jeff Tiedrich


  1. Ken Paxton
  1. He wants to get in Trump’s good graces and maybe be considered for a pardon. Paxton is under investigation for bribery and abuse of office.
  1. Rudy Giuliani
  1. Trump
  1. Because he has a famous name – William Shakespeare
  1. Monday
  1. Death due to corona virus. Decatur county was the last to record a death.
  1. By law, he was in the military too recently having retired only 4 years ago. The law requires a seven year severance.
  1. Starbuck’s, McDonald’s and Walmart
  1. Anne Frank – not sure if the word ‘heroine’ is the right word for Anne Frank.
  1. Trying to force vaccine makers to ignore their contracts with other countries and sell to the US first. It is nonsensical
  1. Boston College 
  1. Germany’s drew Spiegel
  1. Way up.
  1. She is keeping tabs on Florida’s corona virus statistics which shows Governor DiSantis is keeping bad records on the virus in Florida
  1. Facebook
  1. 26.
  1. Jupiter and Saturn
  1. Sputnik V
  1. Armed guard from their cars into the capital and back.

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