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I want to go into hibernation until after Christmas. I wish we could shut most of the economy down until Biden takes over and we can finally get some real leadership with a coherent message from the federal government. One man stands in the way for anything like that happening and that is Mitch McConnell. Two new senators from Georgia could fix that.


Once again we see Australia heading into summer riding a string of record high temperatures. Never forget that Australia appears to be the harbinger of what will come for all of us. This is much like New York State was the harbinger of corona virus spread in the US and no one listened.


Speaking of corona virus, we are not even halfway through December and there have been nearly 2.5 million new cases of corona virus this month. Those new cases go along with nearly 30,000 deaths in the US this month. As if Trump needed to give Americans the middle finger one last time, the administration totally botched reserving corona virus vaccine when they had a chance. How could 74 million Americans vote for this guy?


From the day Trump stepped on the stage in New York to denigrate immigrants, his strange and obnoxious behaviors and words still keep him in the news. Usually at this stage in a lame duck presidency, the lame duck is irrelevant. Trump will soon be irrelevant. He will take it like a baby.


Hard to believe that (so far) judges – many appointed by Trump and passed by McConnell when the Senate would do nothing else –  have held against the pressure from Trump during the onslaught of farcical court cases aimed at overturning the election and ending our democracy.


Speaking of the election, I have been looking for a place to use this quotation from presidential historian Steven Beschloss:


If Republican Senators still think it’s too risky to acknowledge that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States, how can we assume they’d ever have the courage to protect us against enemies, foreign or domestic? For that matter, why oh why are they US Senators?

10:55 AM · Nov 22, 2020


Sad to see that Republican senators are such cowards and “Party Firsters.” Had these guys been around December 7th, 1941 we probably would have just sent a delegation to surrender to Tokyo and Berlin.


One thing that excites me with the coming of the Biden administration is that science will once again be the go to for guiding policy and making decisions. While religion has it place, it is not real good for either guiding policy or making decisions. Even the constitution indicates that.


I guess there are probably some positives from the corona virus. If I was to name some, one would be the total drop in school shootings and death by guns in general. Sadly, I suspect that when the corona virus is tamed and things sort of return to normal, gun deaths will probably return to its old evil.


The wealth gap has widened to its largest gap during the pandemic in America. The fat cats now have a higher percentage of the nations wealth while those in the lowest groups have drastically expanded their numbers while losing its percentage of wealth. And if the Republicans continue to stall a relief bill, it is about to get much, much worse.


The wealth gap is one of the most accurate indicators of the health of a democracy. Our democracy is very sick.


Donate blood if you can!

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