Sunday Funday: Republican Voter Fraud Edition


About all we have heard on the cable newsers since the election has been the claims of election fraud from the right. The claims are increasingly strange and detached from reality. What is seldom brought up is that the Republican Party as a whole has been engaged in a decade plus of legalized voter suppression. 

Throughout the country Republican legislators and governors have passed various laws that are specifically aimed at voters most likely to vote for Democrats. From laws that suppress the votes of students living on campus to making it difficult for elderly to vote to laws that make very unprofessional signature matching a basis for rejecting votes, Republicans have dug deep into every aspect of voting habits to try to cull Democrats votes. 

You may even recall that one of the rationalizations for Dear Leader to do nothing about the pandemic back in March was the assessment by Glorious Son-In-Law Jared Kushner that the corona virus was hitting Democrats much harder than Republicans. Therefore the pandemic could be a plus for that president if enough Democrats died. 

Show of hands out there  – who will be sorry to see that group long gone? No one? I thought so.

  1. Iowa’s 2nd congressional district has produced the closest race for the House in decades. The current outcome has been appealed to the US House by which of the contestants?
  1. What is the basis of this appeal?
  1. In an almost comical juxtaposition, Governor Ducey of Arizona was certifying election results while refusing to answer a call from what politician?
  1. Great Britain will be among the first western countries to begin corona virus inoculations. When will they begin?
  1. In a startling development, what deep insider cabinet member delivered a message to Dear leader last week that there was no evidence of election fraud in a long meeting?
  1. Former DHS Cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs suggested he will pursue legal retribution after presidential lawyer Joseph diGenova said Krebs should be what?
  1. Just hours after Great Britain announced their plan to begin corona vaccinations, what dictator announced that his country would begin vaccinations before Britain, thus being the first country to offer vaccinations?
  1. Can you name four governors who currently have recall petitions being circulated against them? 
  1. Hey! Today is major holiday in the month of holidays that is December. What holiday is celebrated on December 6th that is a major holiday in many countries?
  1. One of the rumors coming out of the White House these days has Dear Leader issuing a pre-emptive pardon for what group of people?
  1. What White House corona virus adviser who believed in ‘herd immunity’ quit suddenly Tuesday?
  1. What famous and iconic space telescope collapsed last week and will no longer be useable?
  1. A shopping mall in what Iowa city was temporarily shut down last Sunday after groups of people exchanged gunfire?
  1. December 6th, 1492 – What explorer landed on Hispaniola?
  1. Former president Barack Obama said he screwed up by not giving what country music star a Medal of Freedom?
  1. An innovative method of replanting forests ravaged by fires in the US west involves using what type of machine to plant seed and distribute fertilizer?
  1. A standoff in Sioux City Tuesday morning had a man barricaded in his house holding off police with what weapon?
  1. The CDC has changed its recommended quarantine length after exposure to the corona virus for 14 days to what, if a person does not develop symptoms?
  1. A UN report called humanity “suicidal” for not addressing what world wide ongoing calamity?
  1. Qanon (quit laughing) claims that the boot on President Biden’s foot is actually there to hide what?


  1. Democrat Rita Hart
  1. That there are more ballots that haven’t been counted especially from military overseas that could easily erase the 6 vote difference. An appeal in Iowa would not allow time for these ballots to be counted.
  1. Dear Leader. Ducey has a specific ring tone for Dear leader. It went off just as Ducey was signing the certifications.
  1. Early next week
  1. AG William Barr. From accounts the news was not well taken by Dear Leader.
  1. Executed.
  1. Putin said Russia will begin quickly, probably before Great Britain.
  1. DeWine, Ohio; Whitmer, Michigan; Ducey, Arizona; Newsome, California.
  1. Saint Nicholas Day. Nicholas is the prototype for our Santa Claus. St. Nicholas day is a day when children in many countries in Europe receive gifts.
  1. His children. Funny, Obama never issued a pardon for Sasha and Malia.
  1. Scott Atlas
  1. The telescope on Puerto Rico at Arecibo.
  1. North Park Mall in Davenport.
  1. Columbus
  1. Dolly Parton
  1. Drones.
  1. A bow and arrows
  1. 10 days.
  1. Climate change. The UN noted the last decade has been the hottest on record (note Australia is experiencing a super hot spring)
  1. Not broken bones, but an ankle monitor because he was secretly arrested. Arrested for what? Being a Democrat probably


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