You may have heard of or seen this video online Thursday or Friday.  Melissa Carone, a contract worker for Dominion Voting Systems claimed to witness extraordinary goings on during the voting in Michigan. As this clip shows Carone’s statements are so wild as to be totally laughable. Her demeanor suggests she had ingested some substances before testifying.

Given the farcical nature of her testimony, ingesting substances would be a testimony strategy.

This is but one of many videos of people making wild, non-factual statements in support of Trump’s wild claims of election tampering. Like so many things Republicans claim, just saying something is so doesn’t make it so. Evidence is needed, not just wild claims.

The farcical nature of her testimony pretty much sums up just what the Trump team has for their claims. Nothing but laughable people and laughable claims. The Trump presidency has been little but a string of crazy claims with no evidence. Unfortunately for America major decisions were made on such crap and Americans have paid dearly with their lives and treasure.

At this point who wouldn’t just love to sweep the whole Trump experiment and family into the dustbin of history? But we can’t. It is simply too important that the whole Trump administration be investigated and analyzed to see what decisions were made for what should have been illegal reasons, such as getting dirt on an opponent to making huge money for the president or his family to destroying evidence or any of a long list of other potential criminal activities.

This simply must be done so our country, our democracy does not let such criminal activities happen again. The check and balance system must be strengthened with some real laws with real punishments for the perpetrators. Among the first things to change is to make all elections take place with traceable paper ballots, and with enough polling places so no one has to wait more than a few minutes to vote.

There are many who are reluctant for an administration of one party to investigate the administration. There is a fear tat this will begin a round of administrations doing little but investigating each other. That is a concern, but a greater concern is to have laws and norms violated with no consequences. That will lead to the end of our democracy in a short time.

The government in a democracy is supposed to reflect the will of the people. The will of the people in a democracy should always be to keep those with power in check so they ( those in power) do not aggregate their power and move to autocracy and ending democracy.

Therefore one administration should not be investigating another. Such investigation should fall on some sort of special committee invested with the power to bring charges. They must also have subpoena power with the power to jilting those who fail to cooperate. It would make sense if such a committee were set up under the House of Representatives as a check on the presidency.

To let the executive branch get away with such lawlessness with impunity is to give up on the very concept of our democracy. The separation of powers and the check and balance system demands the Trump administration be investigated. Ideally party should not make a difference in such an investigation. However given that the whole Republican Party acted as accomplices to the administration in its commission of crimes that may have o be looked at.

If nothing is done we can pretty much be assured that we will be looking at more of the same when the next Republican administration checks in.

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