Sunday Funday: New SCOTUS Decision Edition

The day before Thanksgiving we had a demonstration of why Republicans have had reshaping the court system, especially the Supreme Court, as their laser beam focused objective. In shooting down a directive by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to try to combat the corona virus by limiting crowd sizes of religious gatherings to 10 in designated red zones and 25 in designated orange zones. Religious gatherings were not banned, nor were they limited by denomination.

Yet SCOTUS voted 5 to 4 to overturn Cuomo’s directive as being opposed to the first amendment. So now religion overrides public health. Religious gatherings continue to be among the most productive of super-spreader events. There are alternatives to gathering together in tight groups. You would think religious organizations would be interested in keeping their congregations alive and healthy.

Religious groups are among the most ardent of Republican loyalists. Getting a victory to practice as they please is the culmination of the refusal to even give Merrick Garland a hearing. It is also the culmination of placing two very poorly qualified judges – Kavanaugh and Barret – on the bench. Expect those two to follow the party line with little deviation. Will poisonous snake handling be making a comeback?


  1. Dear Leader held a kind of press conference Tuesday where the big news was less what he said and more what piece of furniture that made the event sort of a farce?
  1. States in what three with supposed close races for president certified their votes last week, pretty much scoring the presidency for Joe Biden?
  1. What former administration official did Dear Leader pardon last Wednesday?
  1. In an unexpected bit of humor last week, presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani held yet another news conference while what rolled down his face?
  1. As witnessed in the past couple of weeks, what force of nature is spurring emigration from Central American countries?
  1. Fox News Channel settled a lawsuit out of court over a false story concerning the death of what former DNC staffer?
  1. An Iowa non-profit announce a massive effort starting in the spring to replace the huge amount of what destroyed by the August 10th derecho?
  1. Tomorrow the Office of the First Lady will preview the 2020 holiday decorations. What VIP will skip out on this preview?
  1. November 29, 1989. The first of the Russian satellites to break the chains of communism when what country repealed the constitutional clause that gave power to the communists?
  1. President-Elect Joe Biden received congratulations on his election from what major world leader?
  1. What major soccer star died during an operation last week ending a tumultuous life?
  1. What country did the above soccer star come from?
  1. Spurred by new rules on Twitter that call for tweets to be judged for veracity, the right wing world is flocking to what RW version of Twitter?
  1. As Biden secured enough electoral votes to win the presidency, what stock index broke an all time high as it crossed the 30,000 barrier?
  1. Maybe America’s first superstar, what genius writer was born in Missouri on the Mississippi some 185 years ago tomorrow?
  1. Quick – what is the name of the woman who is head of the General Services Admin. who was holding up transition funds for Biden until early last week?
  1. Janet Yellen was announced as the first woman to head what cabinet department by PE Biden last week?
  1. Colorado Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert has asked permission to be able to do what on the Capitol grinds that is now disallowed?
  1. Iran vowed retaliation after it’s what was assassinated Friday near Tehran?
  1. Scotland became the first country ever to make products relating to what female condition free to Scots?


  1. The tiny desk that he sat at. It looked like a desk for a grade schooler
  1. Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan
  1. Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn
  1. Giuliani was sweating and his hair coloring was running down his face
  1. Hurricanes 
  1. Seth Rich
  1. Trees – the non-profit is Trees Forever
  1. The First Lady
  1. Czechoslovakia
  1. President Xi of China
  1. Diego Maradonna
  1. Argentina
  1. Parler
  1. DJIA
  1. Mark Twain
  1. Emily Murphy
  1. Treasury
  1. Carry a gun
  1. Top nuclear scientist
  1. Tampons and other related material for periods.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Thanks for including derecho tree replacement work in your list. The wonderful thing about the Cedar Rapids tree replacement effort, from what I’ve read, is that it will strongly focus on native trees. That will mean huge benefits for pollinators and a wide variety of wildlife. For forty years I’ve watched Iowans planting non-native trees and thereby losing great opportunities to help wildlife in the state that has less of its original native landscape left than any other. Finally, an Iowa city is going to try to do it right. Yay for Cedar Rapids.

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