Covid-19 Numbers For November Really Scary.

As Donald Trump tries to steal the presidency from a brutal loss and while Kim Reynolds fiddles with your lives as she dare no step on the toes business corona virus new cases and deaths are just plain sky rocketing out of control.

The sad thing is that this is exactly what was predicted 8 months ago as scientists begged the current president to show some leadership and do a couple of simple things. The most simple thing scientist begged for – and are still begging for – is to make wearing masks mandatory.

So here we are in the United States of America, the most technologically advanced nation and the richest nation the world has ever seen, literally being done in by the corona virus because of the negligence of our leadership.

These numbers come from  If you scroll down past the list of states you will find charts that give us daily past numbers for cumulative corona virus cases in the US. By scrolling your mouse across the chart you can get whatever information you want.

For instance if you want to know how many new corona virus cases in the US for the month of November you find the find the number for October 31 and subtract it from the latest number for November. In this case it will be approximately 13,500,000 minus 9,439,000 (the cases up to Nov.1) and you get 4  million cases.

Let that sink in. Four Million cases of corona virus in the US in November! And now, following a mass spreader event such as Thanksgiving and early Christmas shopping over this past weekend, expect even higher number of cases o be coming soon. So what will we have in December? Five million? Six million?

We know that neither Trump nor Reynolds will do anything of any substance to lower the numbers. Thus huge December numbers is all but inevitable. By the time President Biden is inaugurated he will be left a huge mountain to subdue.

You can help. Do just what we have been told to do for the past 8 months by the science community. Stay home whenever possible. If you go out WEAR A MASK! Ask your friends and loved ones to please wear a mask also! Stay a good distance from other people when interacting. Keep your hands washed and don’t touch your face.

If members of your family do not have masks, wouldn’t a mask as a Christmas present really say “I care about you.”

We are our brother’s keeper. Working together we can make great inroads on stopping the virus simply by taking the precautions listed above to stop the spread. As the old saying goes are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

As the illustration at the top of this story shows, we have been down a similar road before and beat the enemy. Together we can do it again!

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