Sunday Funday: Voter Fraud Edition

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With the new television season widely disrupted by the corona virus, TV networks are digging deep for new content put on the small screens. One that sounds intriguing is a mystery show that has sprung from the after effects of the recent US election. The mystery is that wild popular president Donald J. Trump was not re-elected. The votes have either been stolen or the voters hijacked!

Bringing decades of experience in being mysteries themselves, the famously hunted but never found trio of Nessy, Big Foot and UFO will employ their knowledge of ‘can’ be found’ to ferret out those missing voters and ballots. Engrossing with sidelights of hilarity, such as the press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia instead of the Four Seasons Hotel in Philly. 

This series will have it all as Trump and his trio of investigators go where few have gone before! Coming soon on Fox!

Soon, yes soon, I will no longer have to type Dear Leader or the Chosen One. At least until his court dates and prison dates are announced.

  1. Dear Leader is making some mysterious changes in his cabinet as the end nears. What major cabinet figure was fired Monday for unknown reasons?
  1. SoS Mike Pompeo committed a major breach Tuesday when he replied to a question about preparing for the transition by stating what??
  1. Chevrolet recalled tens of thousands of what all-electric vehicle due t fire hazard from the high-powered batteries?
  1. The current administration is rushing plans to auction oil drilling rights in what fragile Alaskan wildlife area before Biden becomes president?
  1. A huge first for women in sports when Kim Ng was named general manager of what ML baseball team Friday?
  1. A tweet by what university group in Iowa was taken as a threat and removed after Biden was declared winner of 2020 election last Saturday?
  1. The closest US House race took place in what district this election?
  1. What governor went off on anti-mask complainers saying “You know what’s uncomfortable and annoying? When you die.”
  1. Hundreds of ducks were killed in Northwest Iowa Tuesday when they apparently mistook what for water during storms Monday?
  1. Based on early comments Congress has a new “dumbest person in Congress” in what former football coach and new Alabama senator?
  1. What newly elected Iowa congress member has corona virus?
  1. Name the two Democratic contenders in the Georgia senatorial runoff elections?
  1. PE Biden has been given great reviews for his choice of Ron Klain as Chief-of-Staff. What highly successful project did Klain head up during the Obama administration?
  1. Wednesday Britain became the first European country to pass what shameful milestone?
  1. November 19,1863 President Lincoln gave a short speech at the dedication of what Civil War battlefield and Cemetery ?
  1. What company announced very promising results on their corona virus vaccine last Monday?
  1. Alex Trebek died a week ago. There were enough pre-recorded games to keep Trebek on the show through what date?
  1. NASA scientists estimated there could be how many habitable planets like Earth in our galaxy the Milky Way alone? (Note: the Milky Way is a small galaxy)
  1. Emily Murphy is a GSA bureaucrat who suddenly has 15 minutes of fame. Why?
  1. 1860 redux? A Republican legislator from Mississippi called on his state to do what because of the election of PE Biden?

The f*****g nerve it takes to not only benefit from an already imbalanced system but to then gut the Voting Rights Act, engage in unprecedented gerrymandering, remove voting machines to cause hours-long lines, pass voter ID laws, cripple the USPS & then claim YOU’VE been cheated. – Michael Hattem


  1. Sec. of Defense Mark Esper
  1. He was preparing for the second Trump Administration
  1. Chevy Bolts
  1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or ANWR
  1. Miami Marlins
  1. Last Saturday, the Iowa State University College Republicans tweeted, “Everyone, you must arm up, expect these people to attempt to destroy your life, the elites want revenge on us.”
  1. Iowa-02. As of this writing it has not been called.
  1. Highways. Thinking they were water the ducks landed only to be hit by moving vehicles
  1. Tommy Tuberville. Quote from Tuberville: Yeah and that’s how our government was set up. You know, our government wasn’t set up for one group to have all three of branches of government. It wasn’t set up that way, our three branches, the House, the Senate and executive.
  2. Ashley Hinson
  1. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock
  1. Combatting the Ebola virus
  1. 50,000 deaths due to corona virus
  1. Gettysburg
  1. Pfizer coupled with European company BioNtech
  1. Dec. 25
  1. 300 million
  2. She is the bureaucrat who must sign off to release transition funds to Biden’s transition team. So far she has refused to sign off because she is no convinced Biden has won.
  1. Secede from the union

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