Iowa Is The New Kansas And Other Post-Trump Thoughts

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Give Democrats some love!

Joe Biden won the election. He beat Trump by well over five million votes. Biden will be inaugurated January 20 and Trump will be a one-term president. This is absolutely a huge Win for us all and we have reason to celebrate. I’m not sure the enormity of this colossal save has sunk in yet. We have plenty of work to do to save our Democracy, but this was the first thing that needed to happen.  We should savor this win and realize that Democrats did something right and we didn’t blow it.  So let’s give Democrats some love.  We did good.

Iowa is in trouble

Iowa is a different story. Iowa Republicans are in too far to disengage from Trump and accordingly, cannot acknowledge that he lost.  The state party is signing on with Trump in his election-stealing efforts.  There is no way they can win but it works to undermine the incoming Biden administration and cause the not too whippy GOP flock to think the election was illegitimate (even though the GOP re-elections are of course legitimate).

Count all the votes

Republicans have come up with a new phrase that they hope will be around for future election-undermining efforts when they don’t win – “legal votes.”  Here’s how it works. Using the word “legal” before the word “votes” suggests that there are in fact “illegal” votes. Republicans repeat this phrase in their public comments which the media are obliged to report.  The media disseminate the new phrase and just like that the idea that there are equal parts “legal” and “illegal” votes in any given election will seep into the subconscious of every American whether you know it’s a ruse or you don’t. It’s already happening.

Republicans like Joni Ernst can say, as she did, “count the legal votes!” (votes for Trump) and “don’t count the illegal votes!” (votes for Biden).

The crazy continues as this puts Democrats in the position of having to point out that you have to count all of the votes before you determine if there are any “illegal” votes.  This allows Republicans to use their vast right wing propaganda machine Fox, talk radio, and conservative internet sites to accuse Democrats of wanting to count “illegal” votes.  And that is how it’s done. It’s a simple formula of subtle lying that Republicans consistently use because it consistently works.

Remember when we just said “count all the votes?”  Republicans with the help of the media will render this phrase obsolete, politically incorrect and unpatriotic.

It’s the media, stupid

Iowa has a vast right-wing propaganda machine of our own to help with this, boasting fourteen commercial radio stations evenly distributed around the state reaching every community, each station broadcasting 6 – 15 hours daily of right-wing talk.  Click on the link to find your local station and give them a call.  Tell them to switch their programming to sports or country music or something slightly less harmful. That is, if you can find a phone number for your local station that is not I-Heart Radio corporate HQ.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that what they are doing with the “legal” vote phrase is a very  subtle form of brainwashing.  If brainwashing is too strong of a word for you, I’m sorry but that’s what it is.  See my post,   Be sure to watch the excellent documentary by Jen Senko about how Republicans, threatened by liberal activism in the 60’s, purposefully developed their own media in order to influence elections and save the free enterprise system.

Iowa the new Kansas

Post-election, Iowa is in even deeper doo-doo than we already were, Republicans having made gains in the legislature and holding their power trifecta.  If you thought they felt free to run amok before this election I have a feeling we are in for a right-wing policy onslaught of epic proportions.  The horrific ideas they have been imposing on our state during their power trifecta are bound to get unimaginably worse. Sadly, Iowa is the new Kansas, but that has been true for some time. Now it is undeniable.

A post-election poll by Public Policy Polling shows that a majority of Iowans support progressive policies but the question we need to answer is why are they not voting for candidates who would support those policies?  Why are they voting for these god-awful Republicans? National and Iowa Democrats need to take a look at how to counter the propaganda machine.  It’s just getting to be too much to overcome.  You can find the PPP results on the Progress Iowa website.

Expect Republicans to do their worst in the coming sessions between now and the next election with a full endorsement from voters who seem to have lost their minds.

Iowa GOP’s set-up to their upcoming really bad movie

Iowa GOP’s State Central Committee have already passed two resolutions to support Donald Trump. The first resolution says the Iowa GOP supports, without reservation, President Trump’s efforts to obtain a full and fair count of “legal” votes.

Resolution #1:

WHEREAS, The integrity of the election process is a crucial component of representative democracy; and

WHEREAS, Election integrity requires every legal vote to be accurately counted; and

WHEREAS, Irregularities and errors in the 2020 election process appear to have occurred in a number of states, placing the outcome of the election in doubt; and

WHEREAS, True election results can only come from official sources, not reporters or television networks; and

WHEREAS, It is essential to follow constitutional processes to ensure the integrity of our electoral process, including allowing courts to adjudicate election disputes, but not to rewrite state election laws that govern federal elections; and

WHEREAS, Candidates in disputed elections have a right and obligation to seek relief from courts; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Republican Party of Iowa supports without reservation President Trump’s efforts to obtain a full and fair count of legal votes, including appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States if necessary.

The State Central Committee also passed a second resolution that spoke more to Trump’s accomplishments as President.

Resolution #2:

WHEREAS, President Trump’s leadership has resulted in greater protection of the unborn, protection of religious liberty, a strong economy before the pandemic and a rapid recovery afterward, border protection, support of law enforcement, respect for our Constitution, America-first foreign and trade policies, energy independence, and Middle East peace; and
WHEREAS, President Trump’s leadership has also resulted in an acceleration of vaccine development, normally slowed by excessive regulation, which holds promise to help end the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in China and spread around the world; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Republican Party of Iowa enthusiastically and unconditionally supports President Donald J. Trump.

Both resolutions were passed unanimously.

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