Biden Is On The Horizon!

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

After writing the previous post I needed to remind myself that no matter how dark it is today, better days are on the horizon. Certainly as we look into the future from the dark of today, we see the bright skies of a new Democratic administration just a couple of months in the future. The new administration is already very hard at work putting together a leadership team and a cabinet that will take on the severe problems they will be left with on day one.

As you know and as we continue to see, the current administration has shown that they will do nearly anything to wreck the new administration. This is not a secret. The Biden Administration knows it and may have to come up with work arounds. We can hope that the few angels of good in the Republican Party will step in and put country before party. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

Still the law is the law and nothing ( I do not think) can stop Joe Biden from being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States at noon ET on January 20th. That will of course be a few minutes after the daughter of immigrants has been sworn in as the first female Vice-President in our history!

The challenges these two will be facing will be daunting, nearly unrivaled in our history. Taking on and defeating the corona virus is task one. Until the virus is subdued it will be nearly impossible to get the economy rolling again. President Biden and Vice-President Harris will be laser focused. They will step into office with plans to attack these problems.

While it is still 65 days or so away, hope will keep us going. Even though Donald Trump has taken away summer vacation, regular school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas things will get better. Things will get better quickly.

The President and Vice-President will need our full support and co-operation. We know there will be pockets of resistance. Why anyone would want to keep the virus in control is beyond me, but they will.

Beyond the full out attack on the virus one of the other encouraging changes will be the acceptance of all Americans from the White House. No longer will we see the President or Vice-president dividing the country. This aspect by itself will brighten the scene.

In order for all this to happen as we hope, the new Administration will need a House and a Senate that will be co-operative to get the legislation and funding for programs to take on the nation’s problems. A bit more on that tomorrow.

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