Theresa Greenfield

Sorry to shout, but don’t forget just how important it will be to vote your whole ballot. We need to replace the worthless Ernst in the senate. David Koch may as well be sitting in that seat.

Abby Finkenauer

At the congressional level, Iowans need to return Abby Finkenauer in the 1st district and Cindy Axne in the 3rd district, Both Finkenauer and Axne will be instrumental in updating the Affordable Care Act. They will also be needed to provide leadership in America’s fight against the corona virus and to help lead in the restoration of the American economy.

Rep. Cindy Axne

In the second district, Iowa needs to replace the steady leadership of solid progressive Dave Loebsack. Rita Hart has the character and real on the farm and in the schoolhouse leadership that will be sorely needed as America recovers from its long illness.

Rita Hart

Can we dream that JD Scholten could finally put the fourth district into the blue column? JD certainly has a winning platform for constituents out there in Western Iowa. It would be such a shock for constituents in the fourth district actually working in their interest on things like health care. Feenstra will work his ass off to end health care access for his constituents just like every Republican.

JD Scholten

And of course, imagine an Iowa senator who will actually work for Iowans? Theresa Greenfield will work for farmers and workers and small businesses. She will be a breath of fresh air in a state that has been lied to constantly by Republican leadership.

Every bit as important is to get Democrats in the state house. The Republican dominance in the past decade has brought us an Iowa that was once looked on as a very sane state with policies that were pretty much bipartisan. Two of the laws that constantly drew praise from good government types across the country was our public collective bargaining laws and our judicial selection process.

They must have been too sane, because both are long gone, victims of the Republican triple lock on state government where they have the House, the Senate and the Governorship. Crushing Iowa working people was the Republican goal and they have pretty much succeeded.

So be sure to vote down ballot. In the Iowa Senate here are the Democratic names to look for on your ballot



District 2

District 4

District 6

C.J. Petersen  

District 8

Steve Gorman

District 10

Warren Varley  

District 12

Joey Norris

District 14

District 16

Nate Boulton (i)

District 18

Janet Petersen (i)

District 20

Rhonda Martin  

District 22

Sarah Garriott  

District 24

Cynthia Paschen

District 26

Deb Scharper

District 28

Matt Tapscott

District 30

Eric Giddens (i)

District 32

Pam Egli  

District 34

Liz Mathis (i)

District 36

David Degner

District 38

Ivy Schuster  

District 40

Lance Roorda

District 42

Rich Taylor (i)

District 44

Thomas Courtney

District 46

Chris Brase

District 48

Eric Green  

District 50

Pam Jochum (i)

Since the Iowa House has every district on the ballot we won’t list every race. We will remind you to make sure you vote for the candidate with the (D) behind their name. I cn guarantee they will be the best candidate for that seat.

Check the down ballot before you turn your ballot in! This is the most important election of your life.

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