Sunday Funday: We Gotta Have Hart Edition

It has been nice to have had Dave Loebsack as our congress critter for the past decade plus. He has represented the second district well. He gets out and actually talks to his constituents. He has not been bound by the ideological straight jacket of a Republican. He has truly represented the constituency well. 

We would hate to see that end. Rita Hart will carry on Loebsack’s legacy of talking with the people of the second district and actually representing them. Hart’s opponent will be bound by the ideological straight jacket that comes with being a republican these days. That includes reverting health care to pre-ACA days, including the return of pre-existing conditions. 

I was trying to come up with an analogy for what trading in a Democratic representative for a Republican representative would be like. The best I can come up with is turning in your brand new laptop for a 1950 Olivetta manual typewriter. As for me, I want to keep my new laptop and all its functionality.

A bit over two weeks left. Expect the SCOTUS to be placed firmly in Republican hands by Halloween in what will be the scariest of power grabs designed to stop any progress that a Biden-Harris Administration can forge.

  1. Which member of the competing presidential tickets will be isolating through this weekend due to possible exposure to coronavirus in their traveling party?
  1. What Republican proudly announced he voted for Ronald Reagan for president in this election?
  1. What dictator and friend of Dear Leader shed tears as he apologized for his failings on dealing with the corona virus last weekend?
  1. The mother of what national hero and former Republican presidential candidate died last week at age 108?
  1. What Republican senator spread the corona virus at the Judiciary Committee hearing for Barrett, showing up unmasked after testing positive for the virus?
  1. What was Sen. Joni Ernst’s best guess at the daily price of a bushel of soybeans at her debate with Theresa Greenfield Thursday?
  1. October 19th, 1781 should be a major holiday in the US. On that date what British general surrendered his forces at Yorktown?
  1. On the day CSPAN political editor should have been at the peak of his career moderating a presidential debate Thursday, he was instead suspended from CSPAN for what infraction?
  1. What midwestern US senator excoriated Dear Leader for Dear Leader’s policies on the corona virus and his foreign policy?
  1. Well, one industry is excelling in Iowa in the pandemic. What newly legalized industry in Iowa is doing a booming business during this time?
  1. Dear Leader vetoed disaster aid funds help for what state ravaged by wildfires?
  1. At the same time Dear Leader announced relief aid to what group damaged by his tariff policies that seems to be pulling away from voting for him?
  1. Speaker Pelosi wanted $3.2 Trillion to start. Dear Leader said he would go for $1.8 Trillion. Senate leader McConnell said $0. What are we talking about?
  1. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize this year?
  1. What former Iowa coach was announced as a recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom before a presidential visit to Iowa last week?
  1. Speaking of the presidential visit to Iowa, it broke all rules set by Governor Reynolds for crowds in the corona virus era. Where was Reynolds at the time?
  1. An incredibly fanciful tale of Biden family treason put out by Republicans starts with Hunter Biden taking his laptop to a Delaware repair shop even though he lives where?
  1. Stories abound that Dear Leader’s campaign is broke. In contrast the Democratic presidential pulled in how much in contributions in September?
  1. “People of Praise” is a religious group which is getting a huge amount of publicity right now because of what?
  1. One of the surprises from the Amy Coney-Barrett hearing to be a SCOTUS justice was her inability to name what that are spelled out in the first amendment?

“I turn on the television, they talked about your floods in Iowa. They talked about how Iowa is doing the crops…. 3-4 stories one after another… Where is my Nobel Peace Prize that they don’t talk about?”

-President of stupid people w/no empathy, 

last night, (Wednesday) 

to actual Iowans.

– John Fugelsang


  1. Kamala Harris -“out of an abundance of caution”
  1. Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland. Hogan is pretty much openly running for  the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.
  1. Kim Jung Un – geez, even this guy has more compassion thanDear Leader
  1. Roberta McCain, mother of John McCain died in Arizona at age 108 last week.
  1. Mike Lee of Utah. Shouldn’t that be a crime?
  1. $5.05 – not even close for either corn or beans. Theresa Greenfield had the exact price of a bushel of corn.
  1. Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown to Washington
  1. Lied about his twitter feed being hacked after he had a questionable exchange with Anthony Scaramucci
  1. Ben Sasse (R- Nebr)
  1. Sports betting!
  1. California
  1. Farmers in the South and Midwest – Buying their votes with our tax money?
  1. Corona virus relief funds
  1. World Food Programme – Dear Leader is crying because he didn’t win it
  1. Dan Gable – This will put him in a class with Rush Limbaugh
  1. Speaking to that crowd! Rules are for suckers.
  1. Los Angeles 
  1. $383 million
  1. SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney-Barrett is a member of the extremely conservative group.
  1. The “five freedoms”: The freedom of speech, of the press, the establishment of a religion or the free exercise thereof, the right to peaceably assemble and the right for a redress of grievances

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