Iowa Needs Rhonda Martin For State Senate

District 20 Candidate Faces Brad Zaun

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One of the most extreme right members of the Iowa legislature is State Senator Brad Zaun of Iowa’s 20th senatorial district in the northwest portion of Polk County.  Zaun has been state senator for 16 years. Zaun has been a mainstay in the hard right turn that the Iowa legislature has taken in recent years.

Among the issues that Zaun has backed during his tenure include:

  • Voter Suppression

  • Privatizing IPERS for thousands of government workers

  • Eliminating tenure at our state universities

  • Welcoming guns on campus

  • Diverting public funds to private schools

  • Severely restricting the rights of Iowa women, especially reproductive health rights

Just at a glance it is pretty apparent that Zaun is far to the right even in his party. As the reaction to the disaster that Trump and Governor Reynolds have made of their lack of strategy on the corona virus, many Iowans are understanding that Iowa’s Republican leaders are not working in their interests.

What Iowans are also discovering is that Democrats have solid candidates that will work for Iowans, not for corporation and the wealthy. In Senate district 20 that includes Grimes, Johnston and Urbandale, Iowans find a a candidate in their corner – Rhonda Martin.

Martin is currently a city councilor in Johnston. She is also a landscape architect at Iowa State University. At this point I will let Rhonda Martin speak for herself:

“I am a Democrat running to represent Iowa Senate District 20. My legislative priorities when I’m elected include: sufficiently funding public education at all levels; environmental stewardship; healthcare for all Iowans; innovation in Iowa’s economy; and the practice of good government.

Good government does not come from a mindset of winning at all costs and closed-door deals. Good government comes from working together across the aisle and changing what is not working. Therefore, I will work for and with you to find innovative ways to grow our Iowa economy and help all Iowans.

I want to represent the good people of Grimes, Johnston, and Urbandale, so instead of having to fight bad legislation, we can use our energy to advance good legislation. We will protect the environment, we will support public education, and we will provide quality health care for our most vulnerable citizens.

The election is barely over 2 weeks away. Rhonda Martin could definitely use some help for that final push. Go to her website and hit that DONATE BUTTON.    

Iowa and senate district 20 need the people first views that Rhonda Martin represents.

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