Sunday Funday: October Surprise A Dilly Edition

Here is a parody on Dear Leader from a young talent named Songbird. This was inspired by Randy Rainbow and built on a Billie Eilish song (3:15)

Dear Leader being felled by a hoax is one dilly of an October Surprise. Historically the October Surprise is a bit of information that will greatly embarrass your opponent. In this case Dear Leader has been knocked out of the game by something that he has at various times called a hoax and claimed didn’t really exist. 

Too bad that he will probably make many others within the White House gravely sick and possibly even die. Isn’t his party the party of personal responsibility? He and his family has acted very irresponsibly.

Wow what a week.

  1. The “debate” Tuesday night turned into a Dear Leader shout fest. Who was the monitor who lost control of these festivities?
  1. A mild surprise this week in Iowa City as what U of Iowa honcho announced his intention to retire?
  1. Covid-19 has forced the first postponement of a pro football game. What game was postpone from today to later in the season?
  1. Following the ‘debate’ Tuesday Democratic candidate Joe Biden embarked on what kind of old-fashioned campaign in Ohio and Pennsylvania?
  1. Pope Francis refused to meet with US SoS Mike Pompeo because of what reason?
  1. The Department of Agriculture has mandated that food boxes handed out to the poor include what?
  1. Despite warnings from public health officials, states across the country are lifting restrictions on what adult gathering places?
  1. The massive personal debt load being carried by what top level government official has been cited as a huge potential national security problem?
  1. In his first year as president, Dear Leader paid how much in federal income taxes?
  1. What two long time rock and roll stars died last week, both at the age of 78?
  1. A ’super enzyme’ derived from bacteria has been created in five labs working together that will break down what ubiquitous substance?
  1. The Iowa State Board of Education has voted to temporarily replace the Superintendent and CFO of what Iowa school district?
  1. A man in Maryland was sentenced to a year in prison after he twice violated orders that forbid what during the pandemic?
  1. Almost the very definition of the political dog whistle: Dear Leader gave a shout out to what white supremacist group at Tuesday’s debate telling them to “Stand back and stand by”?
  1. At the Tuesday debate, the Trump family was conspicuous due to their refusal to do what?
  1. Several companies announced large layoffs last week, including what entertainment giant that just reopened its major theme park in July?
  1. Thursday October 1st was the 96th birthday of what former president and Nobel peace prize winner?
  1. In a major voter suppression move in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbot restricted what to one per county?
  1. It’s about time! In 1582, October 4th became October 15th as the Western world switched from what calendar to the Gregorian calendar?
  1. Three new lakes were discovered underground last week, but not on earth. What planet has these three underground lakes?

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  1. Chris Wallace of Fox News
  1. UI president Bruce Harreld
  1. Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh – well apparently the Patriots and Chiefs are postponed also. What a surprise
  1. A whistle-stop train campaign
  1. The Pope did not want to appear to be meddling in other nations politics.
  1. A letter from Dear Leader. Many distribution points are removing the letter before handing out the box
  1. Bars
  1. Dear Leader – some $421 million owed to unknown people or states
  1. $750
  1. Helen Reddy and Mac Davis
  1. Plastics – this enzyme works multiple times faster than any other enzyme that works on plastic
  1. Davenport
  1. Large gatherings
  1. The Proud Boys
  1. Wear masks as they sat in the audience. All other guests were wearing masks.
  1. Disney
  1. Jimmy Carter
  1. Absentee ballot drop-off boxes. Several counties in Texas have well over 500,000 people.
  1. Julian
  1. Mars. 

Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines to murder people in Kenosha.

A recently leaked DHS memo told officials to offer support for his actions, saying he was there “to help defend small business owners.”

Kyle Rittenhouse is now officially a state-sponsored terrorist. – Nick Jack Pappas

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  1. A.D. says:

    Unfortunately, if Trump appears to fully and quickly recover (and things being what they are, we may never know if covid has caused long-term damage to his body as has happened to many others), that will be taken by some of his avid followers as a clear sign that the deity wants him to serve another term. For unsettling evidence of this attitude, just google “God has chosen Trump.”


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