Couple Of Things About Joe Biden

I ran across this discussion of stuttering and the attacks that radical right wingers in this country are trying to heap on a particular person who has worked on his stuttering all of his life. That would be Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden:    

‘I am not posting this in order to endorse or support any particular candidate, but rather to educate some of you who may need it.

Joe Biden is a stutterer. His slowed rate of speech is an intentional and deliberate strategy for improved speech fluency. As a speech language pathologist, I can tell you that he uses this strategy exceptionally well and is an example to other people who stutter.

People who stutter, who choose to speak in the spotlight, are incredibly brave. On a national stage…that is mind-blowing. Their slowed rate of speech is an indication of their training and discipline, not of slow processing or diminished intelligence.

If you disagree with Joe Biden’s politics, I can understand that. But the “Slow Joe” thing needs to stop. It’s an indication of your ignorance, and a slap in the face to the many people I’ve worked with over the years who have busted their humps to communicate effectively (and to avoid the cruelty and ridicule that is being perpetuated now).’

I won’t post it, but one of the most iconic videos of the current president is of him making fun of a reporter (Serge Kovaleski) who has disabilities. Making fun of people with disabilities is what bullies do. Make no doubt that the current president is one of the biggest bullies in. The world.

The strategy of the current president in last Tuesday’s “debate” was to be a giant jerk in order to try to get Biden to stutter. This will be his strategy for the remaining joint appearances. The Debate Commission is trying to come up with a strategy that will not allow the current president to interrupt and dominate the air time on the remaining appearances.

Since the strategy is to try to get Biden to stutter through his outrageous actions, I doubt the current president will accept any changes in format. Will this lead to the cancellation of the remaining “debates?” Stay tuned. The current president is a bully. He will give no quarter to what he perceives as an enemy.

Candidate Biden, on the other hand, is quite brave to face up to the bully and back him down. The current president came off as the fool that he is. America needs a man of Biden’s character.

In another story, we have Biden helping out a a person who has worked for decades for Republican politics. 

Frank Luntz shocked the hell out of me

He was on Morning Joe talking about his focus group. At the end he mentioned that he had a stroke in January. He said he was somewhere near Biden. He said Biden got out of line to go hug him. He said Biden gave him a big hug and did not let go. He said it was like all the weight he was carrying left him. He said Biden is a kind and decent man.

It is simply time for America to have a good and decent person as president. That president should be president of the country and all of its citizens, not just its base. Joe Biden is a good and decent man who has the experience and character to lead America through what will be very trying times.

The country that the current president leaves behind will be nearly as bad,  possibly much worse that what Bush left Obama in 2009 as the world balanced on the edge of perhaps one of the worst depressions ever.

We get our ballots next week. Be sure to have a plan to get the ballot, vote the ballot and get it back to your auditor.

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