Sunday Funday: How A Real Leader Acts In a Crisis Edition

I simply can’t add much to this past week. Request your absentee ballots. You are adults, you know how important this is.

  1. Following revelations in the Atlantic magazine of Dear Leader’s disrespect for our soldiers, Dear leader unleashed a tirade on what super rich widow and majority owner of The Atlantic?
  1. In a pathetic move to create a talking point that Dems stopped economic relief, Mitch McConnell held a vote on what was call a “what” relief package?
  1. Michael Cohen’s new book “Disloyal” was expected to be the most talked about book of the week until excerpts from Bob Woodward’s new book “What” hit the news on Tuesday?
  1. The excerpt from Woodward’s book that generated the most controversy concerned a recorded statement by Dear leader on what subject?
  1. Among many things Dear Leader should not have told Bob Woodward was about what kind of new, secret weapons?
  1. Time magazine will have a black cover next week to honor the 200,000 Americans deaths from Covid-19. This is their second black cover. When was their first?
  1. Remember 9/11/2001? When our current Dear Leader was interviewed on the collapse of the twin towers Trump bragged about what?
  1. Iowa has closed bars in 6 counties. The federal government has requested that bars in how many of Iowa’s counties should be closed?
  1. What presidential relation vowed to get the coronavirus vaccine on the TV show “The View” after being challenged by host Joy Behar?
  1. While the US continues to be the coronavirus hotspot in the world, what country has moved into second place replacing Brazil?
  1. A franchisee of what national restaurant chain has closed 15 stores in Iowa?
  1. A boat parade on Lake Travis outside of Austin, Texas to honor Dear Leader had what unusual ending on Labor Day?
  1. Dear Leader’s campaign is ‘going dark’ in several battleground states as reports surface that the campaign is near what?
  1. September 14, 1901 President McKinley died from bullet wounds inflicted eight days earlier. Who succeeded McKinley as president?
  1. Dear Leader was nominated for a Nobel Prize by a an anti-immigrant legislator from what country?
  1. On 9/11 presidential candidate Joe Biden took what unusual move to honor the somberness of the day?
  1. In a really strange move, the Justice Department said it would assume the defense for Dear Leader in a defamation lawsuit brought by what woman accusing Dear Leader of rape?
  1. One of the major fires in California was started by a pyrotechnic device that was used in what kind of party leading to a couple having a child?
  1. Post Master General Louis DeJoy has been accused of what major campaign contribution crime?
  1. A French tourist was fined $1200 for trying to take what Sardinian national treasure from a Sardinian beach?


  1. Steve Jobs widow, Laurene Powell Jobs
  1. “Skinny”
  1. ‘Rage”
  1. How Dear Leader was are early on how dangerous the coronavirus was
  1. Nuclear
  1. Following 9/11
  1. That his property was now the tallest building in Manhattan
  1. 61
  1. Ivanka
  1. India
  1. Pizza Hut
  1. 5 boats sank due to the high wakes created by the big boats
  1. Nearly bankrupt. They have spent nearly $1 billion.
  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  1. Norway
  1. He pulled all campaign ads
  1. E. Jean Carroll
  1. A gender reveal party
  1. Repaying his employees for their contributions to the Trump campaign
  1. 4 pounds of white beach sand

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