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From our friend Don Paulson down in Muscatine county:

Does Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks think we are stupid?

Miller-Meeks is running for a seat in the U.S. Congress and her opponent is Rita Hart.  Rita is a farmer, taught school for twenty years, and is a life-long Iowan.

In her latest commercial, Miller-Meeks claims that “Washington Democrats and Rita Hart” did nothing to stop viruses from Asia.  What an amazingly stupid thing to say.

The Obama Administration developed a detailed plan for an early response to a disease such as COVID.  Trump’s team was told about this.  (Kaiser Health News, Victoria Knight, 5/15/20.)  Also, President Obama warned of a possible pandemic in 2014 and wanted funds to prepare for it.  Republicans blocked the funding request.  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ArLuther Lee, 4/15/20.)  An article in the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News tells us of 25 warning signs of a coming pandemic, starting with a 60-Minutes story in 2005.  (Kevin Davies, 4/17/20)

Rita Hart served in the Iowa State Senate.  Miller-Meeks served in the Iowa State Senate- why didn’t SHE stop the virus from Asia?

As our next congresswoman, Rita Hart will vote to make healthcare more affordable, invest in public education, protect Iowa’s family farms, care for our veterans.

Miller-Meeks supported taking away the Affordable Care Act, turn Medicare into a voucher system, and kept the door open for the privatization of Medicaid.  She is an eye doctor who wants to be in the U.S. Congress.  I just can’t see it!

I thank Don for letting me use his letter. I told him I would use his LTTE as a jumping off place for some comments:

First I don’t think enough attention is being given to Miller-Meeks stand on health care. A major part of her campaign is to emphasize her medical degree. Somehow many of us tend to equate being a doctor with being in favor of healthcare fore all. That is certainly a misconception. As Don notes in his LTTE “Miller-Meeks supported taking away the Affordable Care Act, turn Medicare into a voucher system, and kept the door open for the privatization of Medicaid.”

Miller-Meeks stand on healthcare is no different than any Republican. If you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. Much like Joni Ernst we can expect Miller-Meeks along with Ashley Hinson, David Young and Randy Feenstra will all sit back and hope that the SCOTUS will kill Obamacare so they don’t have to dirty their hands. However, given a chance Miller-Meeks and compadres would be more than happy to vote Obamacare out. Don’t give them the chance.

Oh – and that concept pre-existing conditions will be covered? I wouldn’t bet the house on that. Nor would I bet that everyone will be covered. One creed of the Republican Party is that if you can’t pay, you don’t play.

As Don notes, Rita Hart is a lifelong Iowan, a farmer and an educator. Farming and schools continue to lose in Republican administrations. Yet those are two of the very backbone industries of Iowa. Republicans do not have the respect for those who work in those industries.

For what Iowa needs, Miller-Meeks falls short. But then so do Republicans in all four districts. No matter what these candidates say in appearances or on their websites, Republican candidates are expected to vote along a very narrow range. Since the party has moved to the extreme right the latitude of their officeholders or candidates to not on party lines is very small. Those who do not vote the party line get primaries – and often beaten in that primary – in the next election.

So forget the speeches and the policy positions. Republican candidates up and down the ballot will be expected to vote as they are told. That is especially true for congressional candidates.

If you don’t think this is true, look at Joni Ernst’s record. While she say she supports healthcare, she works to kill Obamacare. While she claims to support Social Security and Medicare, behind closed doors with Republican insiders she says both must be cut way back.

If you think a Republican will listen to what you have to say forget it. Their orders do not come from us.

You want someone who will listen to what you have to say, vote fro Democrats. Theresa Greenfield, Rita Hart, Abby Finkenauer, Cindy Axne and JD Scholten. They actually live in your community and care about the communities that live in.

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