Sunday Funday: Labor Day Edition


Like our military heroes, workers have also been in line for total disrespect from Dear Leader and his administration. Who can forget that workers in packing plants and other “essential” jobs were forced to return to work or be fired with little protective equipment or process changes. Many have suffered from the virus and some have died. 

Accountable Iowa in an email has called for workers who contracted the virus to be compensated while those in power seek to make businesses exempt from any responsibility for the workers illnesses:

Workers who contract COVID-19 on the job struggle to receive workers’ compensation

They are often called heroes  – the men and women here in Iowa and across the country who risk their health and family to work in an environment that exposes them to greater risk for contracting COVID-19. Health care providers in our hospitals and nursing homes, emergency responders, grocery store and retail service workers, and the thousands who labor in Iowa meat packing plants, just to name a few.  If anyone in these high-risk occupations were to suffer life altering injury or even death after contracting the disease, they or their families should look to workers’ compensation for financial support. 

That’s exactly what the family of Tyson Foods employee Kenneth Jones did when the father of two and stepfather to four died of the disease in June. Jones, 60, was one of hundreds of COVID cases tied to the Tyson plant in Storm Lake, and among thousands of cases connected to the meat packing industry overall. Sara Jones, Kenneth’s wife, recently filed a workers’ compensation claim against the company for survivor benefits for her and her children. –>You can read and share that story here.<–

Advocates for workers are pushing to assure these benefits are paid. The insurance industry will fight to deny these benefits, but this is a fight that can and should be won.

The debate around workers’ comp coverage and COVID-19 is taking place against the larger national conversation about legal immunity, which allows corporate wrongdoers to harm, kill, or rip people off during the pandemic without consequence or accountability. This immunity was passed in Iowa for dangerous corporate nursing homes, packing plants, and other companies. Now the U.S. Senate is considering similar actions at the Federal level.

So where does that leave those we say are our heroes as they and their families are increasingly stripped of their right to trial by jury, and their ability to seek accountability in our court system? Many states are considering legislation that would automatically qualify these heroes for workers’ compensation protection, shutting down attempts by the insurance industry to deny benefits… Iowa didn’t. Iowa’s heroes deserve better.

 Is there any low Dear Leader will not stoop to?

  1. Yet another book describing a member of the Trump family was published last week. The book by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff focuses on what member of the Trump clan?
  1. The U of Washington Institute for Health Metrics predicted how many deaths (total) from Covid-19 by January 1st if we make no changes?
  1. Almost lost in all the hubbub about Dear Leader’s extreme dis of our military was his directive to stop publishing what long time military newspaper September 30th?
  1. Marjory Taylor Greene, a QAnon member and GOP candidate for the US House, appeared to threaten members of ‘the Squad’ on Facebook by doing what?
  1. What two midwestern states have alternated places as the top hotspots for coronavirus in the world last week?
  1. What Asian countries were battered by a typhoon last week with another bearing down on them this week?
  1. To what US General did Dear Leader express that he couldn’t understand why General’s son would die for his country? 
  1. Before meeting with people in Kenosha, Wisconsin Democratic nominee Joe Biden spoke with who on the phone?
  1. September 6, 1860 is the birthday of pioneering social worker Jane Addams who founded what refuge for the sick and poor in Chicago?
  1. In a stunning comment what Iowa senator said she doubted reported coronavirus death numbers instead believing those numbers to be about 10% of the reported number?
  1. As if denigrating America’s troops wasn’t enough, Dear Leader also called on voters to commit what felony this election?
  1. Announced layoffs this week included large numbers in what particularly hard hit portion of the travel industry?
  1. In science this week, scientists confirmed that waves observed by LIGO (Laser Interferometry Gravitational-wave Observatory) was the merger of two black holes that took place how far away?
  1. In primary news, a Kennedy finally lost an election in Massachusetts as Joe Kennedy lost the senatorial primary to what incumbent?
  1. Iowa State first announced, then rescinded what decision concerning fans at their opening football game yesterday?
  1. The death of a Minnesota man from Covid-19 last week was the first tied to what super-spreader event that took place in South Dakota a couple of weeks ago?
  1. Survivors and descendants of victims of a 1921 racially motivated attacks on blacks are suing what city for compensation for long term damages?
  1. A group of 52 former Black franchise owners are suing what restaurant chain for discrimination?
  1. The moderator for the first presidential debate (Sept. 29) is what Fox News personality?
  1. Baseball fans mourned the death of “Tom Terrific” better known as who from Covid-19 last week?


  1. Melania
  1. 410,000
  1. Stars and Stripes – whoops Dear Leader reversed course – looks like it won’t be shut down – stay tuned
  1. Holding an assault rifle to their pictures. The post has been removed
  1. Iowa and South Dakota. South Dakota is working hard to hang on to #1 by holding their state fair this week.
  1. South and North Korea and a bit of Japan.
  1. John Kelley
  1. Jacob Blake
  1. Hull House
  1. Joni Ernst
  1. Vote twice  – or at least try to.
  1. Airline companies – Untied will layoff 16,000 (plus 7,400 voluntary separations), American will layoff 19,000 and Delta will cut 20%.
  1. 7 billion light years – I think we are talking quintillions of miles
  1. Sen. Edward Markey
  1. They were going to let 25,000 attend the game, then said no one could come as Covid-19 cases jumped in Story County
  1. The Sturgis motorcycle rally 2020
  1. Tulsa Oklahoma
  1. McDonalds
  1. Chris Wallace
  1. Tom Seaver

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