Greenfield Responds To Ernst Covid Comment

Theresa Greenfield

From Greenfield campaign email:

My opponent, Senator Joni Ernst, is pushing a debunked conspiracy theory, accusing doctors and nurses of inflating the number of COVID-19 cases for profit. In fact, she even said she’s “so skeptical” of the numbers.

Health care professionals have been working tirelessly to keep us all safe during this pandemic. Our health care workers aren’t lying — they’re putting their lives on the line, for us. But Senator Ernst has the audacity to question their integrity. This is after she OPPOSED more resources for our hospitals when they needed them most.

Iowa currently has the highest rate of positive COVID-19 cases in the country. Instead of spouting dangerous conspiracy theories and questioning frontline health care providers, I called for a statewide mask mandate. Senator Ernst should join me.

Iowans get through tough times by looking out for one another, and this pandemic is no exception. Unfortunately, our leaders in Washington aren’t doing the same. In the Senate, I will always follow science and facts, and make decisions based on both.

I’m appalled and disgusted that Senator Ernst would push dangerous conspiracy theories. Iowans are doing our part to get through this, we expect our leaders to do the same.

My take on Ernst’s statement that the coronavirus is way overblown:

Ernst Replaces Steve King As Top Iowa Embarrassment

Now that sitting Iowa Senator Joni Ernst has outed herself as a QAnon conspiracy theorist, it is time for Iowans to step up and say a loud NO! to supporting such extreme politics. What Ernst is trying to prove by making such an extreme comment on the disease that is ravaging society is unclear, but she certainly represents only the very extreme few percent in Iowa.

Add this to her continuing effort to end health care for low income Iowans, her continuing efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare and her refusals to truly stand up to an out of control president on trade, ethanol and finally refusing to impeach a president who clearly has invited foreign interference in our elections.

Who is Joni Ernst working for? It is obviously not Iowans nor all Americans. There must be a small, extreme following she represents. With her comments trying to diminish an imminent threat to our country she moves into the world of shadowy conspiracy theorists.

Iowa needs a senator who will deal with reality. Iowa is now the hot spot of the world for corona virus. We can not attack the virus with leadership that denies its power and devastation. Ernst needs to be removed and replaced with someone who will deal with the reality of the times.

As shown in her response above Theresa Greenfield understands the problem and is prepared to deal with it. Greenfield also has respect for those battling on the front lines of the pandemic. It is almost unbelievable that Ernst would claim that doctors and nurses are using the pandemic to make huge profits.

The one good thing that comes out of this is that Ernst has outed herself for what she has always been, a tool of the extreme right wing.

Just to add that we are also still waiting for Joni Ernst to comment on The Atlantic article concerning Trump’s comments on our soldiers. Ernst has always touted her service. Will she say nothing to Trump’s dissing of our own military.

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