Sunday Funday: Finally A Lawsuit Edition

Randy Rainbow’s latest and maybe his best:

A very welcome email landed in the inbox Tuesday evening. Not sure why I was on the list, but I was tickled to death (pun sort of intended) to see that the ISEA and the Iowa City CSD were suing the state of Iowa alleging that Kim Reynolds has overstepped her authority by requiring school districts to primarily hold in-person classes.

Very welcome lawsuit! Reynolds created some very artificial – and nearly impossible to reach – criteria before schools could then APPLY to do remote learning. Her goal is to force all students and teachers back into small rooms where this highly, highly transmittable disease would most likely be spread quickly. As far as we know the only reason for this is to please Donald Trump.

The lawsuit is especially welcome now that a case reporting glitch has been discovered that makes the data decisions to open and close schools suspect.

Reynolds, like Trump, seems to screw up nearly everything she touches. She is also getting very experienced at dodging questions just like Trump.

Wow what a week again!

  1. Last Friday, August 21, was the anniversary of Nat Turner’s Rebellion in 1831. What was Nat Turner’s Rebellion?
  1. Dear Leader not only has a problem with mail in voting, Thursday he said he also has a problem with what other way to vote?
  1. A funeral was held in the White House Friday. For what national luminary was the funeral held?
  1. Alexei Navalny was poisoned in Russia last week. Why was Navalny poisoned?
  1. Dear Leader called for Americans to boycott Goodyear tires. Why did the president call for such a boycott?
  1. New unemployment claims topped what ignominious level after being below it for one week?
  1. Among many high spots during the Democratic convention was Sarah Cooper doing her send up of what major politician?
  1. Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s acceptance speech drew high praise from what unexpected corner of media?
  1. One of the best one liners of the convention “Just remember: Joe Biden’ goes to church so regularly, that he doesn’t even need tear gas and a bunch of federalized troops to help him get there.” Who said it?
  1. It was bound to happen. Steve Bannon was arrested Thursday for fraud. Ironically, enforcement officers from what branch of the government arrested him?
  1. The other ironic aspect of the Bannon arrest is that most of the people he defrauded could be described as what group of people?
  1. So much else going on. The Senate Intel Committee released part 5 of their report on Russian interference in the 2016. What was their main conclusion?
  1. Which Trump campaign chair maintained a “close relationship” with a Russian intelligence operative during the 2016 election?
  1. Many Republicans endorsed Democratic nominee Biden, including the wife of what former Republican presidential candidate?
  1. 100 years ago last Tuesday the electorate doubled as the 19th amendment gave the vote to what huge group of people?
  1. As the Democratic convention took the spotlight, the Trump administration continued to destroy what government entity that will be deeply involved in the election?
  1. In a really strange and wholly unwanted action, Dear Leader pardoned what historical figure this week?
  1. In a major loss, a Manhattan judge ruled that Dear Leader had to give what group access to his tax returns?
  1. “Pioneer” is the Secret Service code name for which Democratic presidential ticket nominee?
  1. Maybe the best news of the week. The Girl Scouts announce a new cookie flavor for 2021. The cookie is based on what breakfast treat?


  1. A slave revolt in Virginia. This “rebellion: shattered the myth that slaves were happy in enslavement
  1. In person voting. He discussed having sheriffs and deputies act as deterrents to fraudulent voting across the country this year.
  1. Dear Leader’s brother Robert Trump.
  1. He is the main opposition leader to Putin
  1. Goodyear does not allow employees to wear clothing with political messages, including the red MAGA hats, at work.
  1. 1 million new claims. Last week was the first week in 20 weeks where the new claims dipped below 1 million (just barely).
  1. Dear Leader. Cooper is known for her TikTok interpretations of things Trump says.
  1. Fox News
  1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  1. The Post Office – for using the mail to commit fraud
  1. Anti-immigrant bigots. The money was supposedly going to build the wall between the US nd Mexico.
  1. Russia interfered with our election and had contact with the Trump campaign.
  1. Paul Manafort
  1. John McCain’s wife Cindy
  1. Women
  1. The Post Office
  1. Susan B. Anthony
  1. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
  1. VP nominee Kamala Harris
  1. French Toast. So you know they will be called “Toast-Yay”

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