Iowa Needs Phil Miller!

Phil Miller? Where have I heard that name before? You may remember Phil as the man who elected in a special election to fill the empty seat left by the passing of Curt Hanson in 2017. Hanson was a highly respected legislature from Iowa’s House district 82. The district covers Van Buren and Davis counties and most of Jefferson County, which is home to Fairfield. Fairfield is the home to Phil Miller’s veterinary practice.

Miller served out the rest of Curt Hanson’s term in the legislature. He then lost to Jeff Shipley in the 2018 election.

Since that election Shipley has made a name for himself as a kind of unserious gadfly. He created quite a storm earlier in the spring as the coronavirus pandemic was just revving up by claiming that the virus wasn’t that serious. From the

“He wrapped up his first term in the statehouse by drawing sharp criticism and statewide headlines for downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. In a speech on the Capitol steps to a group advocating that parents, and not governments, should decide on vaccinations. Shipley said “the virus isn’t even killing anybody.” As of midday Tuesday, 725 Iowans have died from the novel coronavirus. {editor note: Iowa’s coronavirus deaths now stand at 1016}

Coronavirus is only one of many issues where Shipley stands pretty much alone. From the gophallofshame we see Shipley has also:

  • The sole legislator to oppose increasing the largest funding source for Iowa’s public school districts and one of only three to oppose a one-cent sales tax so the state could renovate more than a dozen elementary schools.

  • Supported legislation to install new obstacles for Iowans sick due to asbestos exposure looking to hold companies accountable, bolstering recent Republican-introduced ALEC model legislation benefiting Koch Industries’ bottom line.

  • Sponsored several anti-LGBTQ bills to allow for discrimination, eliminate civil rights protections, and restrict educators from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity.


On the other hand Phil Miller brings over 4 decades of service to the community to his candidacy. Miller is a level headed small businessman who understands the area and the people of district 82. Miller’s announcement statement pretty well sums up Miller’s qualifications:   

We all want the same things: good schools for our kids, safe communities to live in, and jobs for our working families. Lately, however, it feels like Des Moines has forgotten that. They’d rather bring divisive Washington, D.C. politics here to Iowa while nothing gets done.

I know, as a small business owner and father, I don’t have the luxury of choosing not to get work done. I work hard every day, even with people I don’t see eye to eye with, to support my business, our community, and keep food on the table for my family.

I’ve lived in our community for a long time, and giving back has always been at the heart of my time here. As a kid growing up on a family farm in southeast Iowa, I was inspired to become a small and large animal veterinarian. Today, and for the past 45 years, that’s what I’ve done. Through this, I’ve seen and heard the stories of farmers here in our community – and understand how important it is our farms and soil are healthy and productive. As President of the Fairfield School Board, I’ve worked hand in hand with families and seen our town’s children turn into adults right before our eyes.

I think Des Moines has forgotten the values we share here in Southeast Iowa, and it’s time someone reminded them what’s important to us out here. We need someone who will go to Des Moines and fight for strong public education funding, better paying jobs, and affordable healthcare.

That’s why I’m officially announcing my candidacy for the Iowa House of Representatives here in District 82. I’ll get us back to the basics and champion common-sense, bi-partisan solutions that make sense in every part of our state.

My name is Dr. Phil Miller, and I hope to earn your vote on Nov. 3, 2020. I look forward to talking with you and your family in the months ahead.

Miller could sure lose some help down there in southeast Iowa. He has an excellent shot at regaining his seat. Here is his website – you know what to do:

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