Betsy DeVos’ Deadly Plan to Open Schools

Once again former Secretary of Labor, economics professor and founder of Inequality Media Robert Reich brings light on an insane trump administration policy. The policy in this case is the push to re-open public schools across the country no matter what the readiness of the school for the pandemic.

We have already seen schools in some southern states open only to have them closed within a few days as the virus spreads quickly in crowded places:

“Several of the first U.S. schools to reopen their classrooms are already experiencing covid-19 outbreaks. The news is particularly grim in Georgia, where Gov. Brian Kemp (R) declined to issue an order requiring masks in schools. One district there has been forced to quarantine nearly 1,000 students and staff. “

Expect similar scenes in Iowa when schools begin to open next week. Gov. Reynolds made some criteria for closing schools. Since then she has stated that even if those criteria were met she probably would not allow schools to close. There are already eight counties whose coronavirus infections are above Reynolds ridiculously high levels.

The only push behind re-opening the schools is so Donald Trump can claim another “victory” in his complete mishandling of the pandemic. Our Governor crew only about Trump’s re-election and is more than happy to use your children, grandchildren and our teachers as canon fodder. Simply the worst decision any Iowa governor has ever made.

Perhaps the sickest part of the whole re-opening drama is the lies repeated over and over and over that children do not catch infections at the same rate and they recover quicker. Look in almost any K-3 classroom and you will see plenty of sick kids and missing kids because some illness is being passed around. Once we gather kids in a classroom you will see just how quickly coronavirus will be shared. 

And there will be deaths of children and teachers. These will be the childhood memories Kim Reynolds will leave with our children.

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