Sunday Funday: Trump Knocks Out Big Ten Football Edition

In case you missed this little news item this week (7.5 minutes)

In another small attention getter the showdown between the Trump virus and Big Ten football resulted in a knockout for the Trump virus. The Trump virus is on a roll having knocked out a huge amount of businesses, most county and state fairs around the country and lopping off 1/3 of the US economy. One stubborn opponent remains for the formidable Trump virus. That is schools.

Schools from pre-K through university seem to think that they have the stuff to stare down the so far unbeaten virus. State governors across the land are betting your children’s lives on it. In preliminary bouts in states such as Georgia, Indiana and Mississippi the Trump virus has scored several KOs. The majority of the bouts will begin the week proceeding and following Labor Day. We wish schools well, but the Trump virus is a killer.

Another wattaweek!

  1. What ethnic background does VP candidate Kamala Harris hail from?
  1. Admitting that this strategy is geared toward “winning” the election, Dear Leader’s administration is going about dismantling what vital governmental unit?
  1. August 14, 1935 (80 years ago last Friday) President Roosevelt signs what landmark legislation?
  1. In what seemed to be comic diversion, various people confirmed that Dear Leader pursued having himself added to what national monument?
  1. Wow! What a blow. The official meteorological name of the storm that hammered Iowa on Monday is what?
  1. Republicans, including Dear Leader, claim VP candidate Harris may not be eligible to run for vice-president because of what?
  1. What senior administration official has been spending most of his time working with fake 3rd party candidate Kanye West in recent weeks?
  1. In Michigan a government drone being used for environmental research was knocked out of service by what?
  1. In South Carolina, a special election to fill an empty Republican state House seat had what result Tuesday?
  1. Who sent out a teaser for his new and long awaited book on Dear Leader to news stations around the country?
  1. In that book, the author describes what special services Dear Leader got in Las Vegas?
  1. What Iowa congress member got married last weekend?
  1. How many Iowans were without power following Monday’s storm?
  1. Unemployment claims for last week finally dropped below what level for the first time in 5 consecutive months?
  1. Despite Monday’s storm Iowa still has what ongoing weather problem?
  1. August 14, 1945 – what major world event took place?
  1. A radical far right Q-Anon follower won a congressional primary in what state Tuesday?
  1. Big problem confronted. The current administration proposed to rollback regulations on what household appliance?
  1. He’d hammer in the morning. What 1960’s era singer famed for his version of folk songs like “Lemon Tree” and “If I had a Hammer” died Tuesday from the coronavirus?
  1. What other major college football conference join the Big 10 in moving their football season to the spring?



  1. African (via Jamaica) from her father and Asian Indian from her father
  1. The Post Office
  1. Social Security
  1. Mount Rushmore. Serious inquiries on the process to put Dear Leader on the monument were made to South Dakota governor Kristi Noem.
  1. Derecho
  1. Her parents were immigrants
  1. Jared Kushner
  1. Our long standing national symbol, a bald eagle
  1. The Democrat won by over 20 points
  1. Michael Cohen
  1. Golden Showers
  1. Abby Finkenauer!
  1. Estimates neared half a million
  1. One million per week.
  1. Drought
  1. Japan surrendered to end WWII
  1. Georgia
  1. Shower heads
  1. Trini Lopez. He was 83.
  1. The Pac-12
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2 Responses to Sunday Funday: Trump Knocks Out Big Ten Football Edition

  1. Larry Simmers says:

    Even if you dislike Kanye West and Kim K,you should support the ability of a 3rd party or independent candidate to run for office. How many times have both major parties ignored issues and run the same old retreads? This time it may just be a publicity stunt but, in the future, an independent candidacy may really matter.


    • Dave Bradley says:

      someday an independent 3rd party candidate may really matter, but this is not such a thing. This is much more than a publicity stunt. This is a bogus 3rd party candidacy totally funded, promoted and run by the Trump gang and the Republican Party. Yet again another attempt by Trump and his now captured party to rig the election, along with all the voter suppression laws across the country and now the attempt to do way with mail in voting. Did you know that Trump’s party is planning a major election day action to challenge tons of voters to slow down voting to a crawl.

      No, this is not a simple little 3rd party candidacy, it is part of a major operation to steal the election. I believe what I said in the quiz was that Jared Kushner has been working WITH Kanye West to help hi candidacy and folks that is illegal.


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