Sunday Funday: Get An Absentee Ballot Edition!

From progressiowa – 1 minute:

Let the above video remind you that even though it is only early August, it is definitely time to be sending in a request for an absentee ballot for this year’s election. Most of you have heard that the current administration is doing all they can to foul up the USPS in an effort to stop us from voting. The USPS the other day made it known that if you are planning to vote by mail this fall, plan for at least one week for a ballot request to be filled and at least a week for the return trip to the county auditor.

In Iowa, we can request a ballot by printing a request and sending it to your county auditor. You can print the request from the Secretary of State’s website here. As long as you are on the SOS website take the time to check your registration here.  

If you are not registered this is the best time to get that fixed long before the election. You can register online or download and print a voter registration form to mail to your county auditor here. I have to admit, in some things Iowa does make it easy. If all else fails,call your county auditor’s office for help. Those telephone number can be found here. Don’t make us have to come and get you.

On to the quiz:

  1. 55 years ago July 30th, President Johnson signed into law what bill that he hope would be the first part of a national health program?
  1. Louis Gohmert, congress member from Texas was announced to have coronavirus Wednesday. What did item Gohmert say may have been a contributing factor?
  1. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was photographed holding a notepad with what potential VP candidate’s name at the top?
  1. Americans are dying of the coronavirus at what rate?
  1. Our Dear Leader suggested what should be delayed until it could be done safely?
  1. Iowa’s oldest state park, Backbone State Park near Maquoketa celebrated what anniversary of its opening last week?
  1. Hurricane Isaias has a path that has it skirting or possibly hitting what coronavirus ravaged state?
  1. Speaking of hurricanes, what state was just missed by Hurricane Douglas last week?
  1. If the election has not been decided by noon on Jan. 20, 2021 who will be president at that time?
  1. What former Republican presidential candidate and recent attendee at the Tulsa rally died of coronavirus Thursday?
  1. A survey by Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand found great dissatisfaction with what Branstad initiated policy?
  1. Dear Leader spoke with Russia’s Putin Thursday but he (Trump) never brought up what highly contentious issue with Putin?
  1. Baseball’s Back! Well, maybe not all of baseball. What two teams are at least temporarily sidelined due to coronavirus infections on their teams?
  1. What national leader gave the eulogy for congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis?
  1. The Republican Presidential campaign quietly quit advertising in what once swing state last week indicating that the state was lost for this cycle?
  1. What professional sports league cancelled their pre-season schedules due to the coronavirus?
  1. What group of CEOs testified before a congressional subcommittee on anti-trust?
  1. 1.4 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. How many weeks in a row have unemployment filings topped 1 million now?
  1. Probably the only person happy about this is Vladimir Putin. Dear Leader announced he would withdraw 12,000 troops from what ally last week?
  1. People across the US last week received unsolicited packs of what through the mail from China?

The US is averaging about 70,000 new cases of coronavirus a day. If we had airplane crashes at that rate we would be having a 200 passenger plane crashing every 4 minutes or 15 per hour. When Airplanes crash, we as a society usually try to stop the cause of those crashes.




  1. Medicare and Medicaid
  1. Wearing a mask. Only Louie could come up with this.
  1. Kamala Harris
  1. One per minute (@1440 per day)
  1. This fall’s elections
  1. 100th
  1. Florida
  1. Hawaii
  1. The Speaker of the House, probably Nancy Pelosi
  1. Herman Cain
  1. Privatized Medicaid
  1. Russia paying bounties to Afghanis for killing American soldiers
  1. The Miami Marlins had half of their team test positive for CV. The team they had been playing, Philadelphia, also decided to take a few days off just in case.
  1. Barack Obama
  1. Michigan
  1. The NFL
  1. CEOs of the tech giants. Specifically Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon
  1. 19
  1. Germany
  1. Seeds – if you got them, do not plant them. 

If you are refusing to wear a mask due to concern your brain won’t get enough oxygen, I’m here to tell you; that ship has already sailed. – YS tweet

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