Kelcey Brackett – A Good Pick Up Opportunity in HD 91

I am proud to share that today I received notification from the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO President Ken Sagar that I have received their endorsement. This is of particular significance on this first day of May, Workers’ Day. #STANDWITHWORKERS
Growing up in a working family, I know the hard work that everyday Iowans do to provide for their families. I will fight for the rights of hard-working Iowans, the right to safe working environments, fair
Kelcey Brackett

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Iowa’s House District 91 brings up a good opportunity to flip a Republican seat to a Democrat in this fall’s election.

The sitting representative, Gary Carlson, decided to retire last March. While Carlson was no shoo-in to win this seat again, incumbency is a a powerful weapon in an election. With Carlson’s retirement the power of incumbency has been removed from the equation. With that, Kelcey Brackett’s years on Muscatine City Council may carry some more weight.

House District 91covers the lower half of Muscatine county, including the city of Muscatine and some surrounding precincts.   

Brackett has been a resident of Muscatine for 22 years and involved in the community during that time. We go to his website for more information: 

“I am an Iowa native and I have lived and worked in Muscatine and the surrounding area for the past twenty years. An opportunity to provide a better life for my family brought me here in 1998 and I have called Muscatine home ever since. For a time I operated my own business, providing tech support services to small business, this showed me how integral the small business owner is to communities like ours and difficulties that go along with running one.

In addition to working with the business community, I have been involved with the community in other ways by volunteering with different groups and events to help those in need. This has shown me the great strength that is required by so many in our community to make ends meet and raise a family.

The past two years on the Muscatine City Council have shown me that while our local government is crucial to our everyday lives, we need to make some corrections at the state level in order to have the right tools locally.

I have spent most of my career fixing things that are broken.

My goal is to bring this same approach to the Iowa State House.”

We first met Kelcey Brackett about five years ago. I was immediately impressed with his ability to see through all the verbiage and cut to the very heart of a problem or situation. Brackett was also quick to understand how various solutions might impact groups that others did did not even see as having a stake in the question. In short Brackett has an incisive mind.

Along with that incisive mind, he also has empathy for the parties involved. Hopefully the next session of the legislature will be dealing with ways to dig Iowa out of the disaster left by the mishandling of the pandemic. I believe we will want representatives who can cut quickly to the heart of problems and offer solutions based on practicality and not ideology. That describes Kesey Brackett.

Sending a republican to the state house from district 91 will be sending a person whose solutions will be handed to them by the party with an expectation that representative vote for the party’s solution or be ostracized. At such a critical time Iowa needs a representative who will truly represent the people of his district, not the party.


From Johnson County’s Democratic Newsletter:  Tonight at 6:30!

## Brace and Brackett / Potluck Insurgency Fundraiser

Per Rosanne Cook, Potluck Insurgency will be hosting a fundraiser for two great Democratic candidates for the state legislature this Sunday, August 2nd, at 6:30pm.

Chris Brase is a retired firefighter and former State Senator who is running to retake his State Senate seat, and Kelcey Brackett is a dynamic member of the Muscatine City Council who is running for Iowa House.  Potluck Insurgency will hold a fundraiser, proceeds to be split between the two candidates, on Sunday, August 2nd at 6:30pm.  We will first hear briefly from both candidates, and then they’re planning on taking lots of questions.

These candidates are in eastern Iowa — both in the Scott County/Muscatine area, Kelcey’s House district (91) is part of Chris’ Senate district (46). Even though winning the majority in the Iowa Senate may not be within reach in 2020, we need to help make some gains and Chris is a strong candidate.

As for the Iowa House, Kelcey’s House district is very flippable. The Republican incumbent is not running, and Kelcey has a lot of name recognition in Muscatine where he’s on the City Council.

The suggested donation is $25, but contributing more is encouraged if you can! Click here to visit the ActBlue page for this fundraiser and reserve your spot today. 

If you can’t donate, you can still invited to attend: please contact if you’d like the Zoom link or if you have any questions.

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