Sunday Funday: No Fair Edition.

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Maybe next year?

Yep, this is fair week in my neck of the woods. Or it used to be, anyway. We used to work in the Democratic booth for many years. Always had lots of fun meeting folks. The Democratic booth and the Republican booth were always next to each other. We would have our tent wide open on all sides so folks could coma and say “Hi” from any direction. We would also usually have stickers and hard candy for kids.

Our next door neighbors would only open their front flap and that only partially. It was like a cult. We seldom interacted. I found out in my first year that interaction was not welcome from next door. Ah! Memories.

Those who claim their “freedoms” are being taken away by having to wear a mask need to look around. Republican Policy has really changed everything we do, dramatically.

Another unforgettable (for all the wrong reasons) week.

  1. According to a book by his niece, what world leader is unfit for office?
  1. Bunker Boy startled the US after the news dump a week ago Friday by commuting the sentence of what buddy and convicted felon?
  1. After years and years of pressure what professional sports team agreed to change its offensive nickname?
  1. What Northwest American city has federal agents in unmarked cars abducting and arresting protestors? (shades of Hitler)
  1. Good news for shoppers as more national chains mandate masks be worn in their stores. These chains include what two giant box store chains?
  1. Many white women have been videoed committing acts of racism or anti-social behavior recently. What first name has been given collectively to these women?
  1. Like all other Republican governors, Iowa’s Kim Reynolds refuses to order mandatory masking. Instead she calls for what weaselly alternative?
  1. Budget deficits for the MONTH of June were $864 Billion. When was the last time the US ran such high deficits, measured as a percentage of the economy?
  1. Which two largest California school districts announced they would do remote only learning in the fall?
  1. What major administration officials spent time having their pictures taken with Goya products after a boycott against Goya products had been called for?
  1. What major Trump campaign official was either fired or demoted last week?
  1. What former aide to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who was deeply involved in the “bridge gate” scandal in New Jersey, took the place of the person in the previous question?
  1. Meanwhile Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivered a rousing speech on what major issue last week?
  1. Unemployment claims for the week ending July 11th were 1.3 million. How many weeks in a row have unemployment claims been over 1 million?
  1. July 19 and 20th, 1848. Meeting took place in what New York town to discuss women’s voting rights, property rights and divorce? This would be the beginnings of the women’s rights movement.
  1. Reporting of hospitalization data due to the coronavirus has been shifted from the CDC to what more politically influenced governmental agency?
  1. Kevin Stitt became the first what to be infected with the coronavirus?
  1. In Alabama what former Auburn football coach won the Republican primary to run against Senator Doug Jones in November?
  1. Kansas congressman Steve Watkins has been charged with voter fraud in Shawnee County when he listed what as his home address?
  1. A strange consequence of the coronavirus pandemic has been a shortage of what type of money?

A bad case of premature congratulation (1 minute 48 seconds) 


  1. Donald Trump aka Bunker Boy
  1. Roger Stone
  1. Washington DC’s professional football team
  1. Portland, Oregon
  1. Walmart and Target
  1. Karens
  1. “Stepping up” and voluntarily wearing a mask
  1. WWII
  1. Los Angeles and San Diego
  1. Ivanka Trump and Bunker Boy himself. For what it is worth, this is a violation of the law, as if they cared.
  1. Brad Parscale
  1. Bill Stepien
  1. Climate Change 
  1. 17
  1. Seneca Falls, New York
  1. The Department of health and Human Services. Some fear the data may be tampered with at HHS
  1. State is the Republican governor of Oklahoma. He announced that he got infected with the coronavirus at Trump’s Tulsa rally. Thus he is the first governor with coronavirus.
  1. Tommy Tuberville. Now the Alabama Republican Party needs to get him to move to Alabama.
  1. A UPS store.
  1. Coins. Seems for some reason people are hoarding coins in the pandemic.

Trump University. Trump Casino. Trump Steaks. Trump Water. Trump Wine. Trump Vodka. Trump Airlines. Trump Mortgage. Trump Magazine. Trump Entertainment. Trump Foundation.

Nothing could be more on-brand than the Trump Presidency being an expensive failure. – Middle Age Riot


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