Sunday Funday: We Still Have A Country Edition

There are those among us who find that watching in June to be some real entertainment as SCOTUS unveils its decisions as the term ends for the Supreme Court. Drama this year came down to the two Trump tax cases whose decisions were announced Thursday morning. Amy Howe is the main writer for scotusblog. Her reaction to the first decision involving New York v. Trump was classic:

“Kavanaugh and Gorsuch concur. We still have a country.”

Another incredible incident involved trust fund baby Tucker Carlson doing some preemptive attacks on VP possibility Tammy Duckworth by disparaging Duckworth’s service. Remember that Duckworth heroically saved her team’s lives when the helicopter she was piloting was shot and her legs were blown off. Poor little Tucker. Without her legs, Duckworth is many times taller than Carlson can even imagine. Republicans hate real life heroes. They really love the made for TV heroes like Bunker Boy and trust fund baby Tucker.

Thanks to the low key week last week, I am still near burn out from the barrage of bad news in the Bunker Boy era:

  1. Muscatine, Iowa gained some notoriety as the mayor issued what order for Muscatine citizens?
  1. As the coronavirus pandemic reaches new heights, health care workers are once again facing shortages of what?
  1. July 14th, 1789 a date which is commemorated yearly in France. What happened on July 14th that French celebrate annually?
  1. Bunker Boy can’t even get a date. What international leader said he would no longer negotiate with the US?
  1. What apparel company founded in 1818 and noted for “dressing 40 presidents” filed for bankruptcy Wednesday?
  1. What head of state in the Americas announced he was infected with the coronavirus, but claimed since he was an athlete he expects no harm from the disease?
  1. In an odd rage, Bunker Boy went on a tweet rage against supposed friend Lyndsey Graham. Why?
  1. Among other proposals on the economy, Candidate Joe Biden promised to use the vast governmental buying power to do what?
  1. Food bank of Iowa serves 55 counties in Iowa. On average it distributes 800,000 of food per month. How many pounds did it distribute in June?
  1. According to Dr. Fauci the average age of coronavirus victims has dropped how many year in the past couple of months?
  1. Demand was so high that publisher Simon and Schuster pulled the publication of a book by what new author up two weeks? The book will be on sale Tuesday.
  1. Chuck Grassley, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Pat Roberts, Lisa Murkowski and possibly Mitch McConnell are all refusing to go where this summer?
  1. What major amusement park in Florida reopened yesterday at the height of the pandemic?
  1. Just short of two weeks after Bunker Boy’s rally in Tulsa the city recorded a whopping how many coronavirus cases?
  1. What US Army colonel retired from the Army Wednesday citing Bunker Boy’s “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation.”?
  1. What fabled once daily cartoon has sort of returned as an internet comic?  
  1. The current administration began moving forward with its withdrawal from what international group last week?
  1. Iowa senator Joni Ernst agrees with SoS Mike Pompeo the the US should ban what widely used internet app?
  1. What island nation in the Pacific suffered massive floods and many deaths due to a week of torrential rains?
  1. What college sports conference announced Thursday that it would only play interconference games this fall?

working for Russia


  1. A mandatory masking order. Our brilliant governor is fighting it.
  1. PPE
  1. July 14th is Bastille Day and the beginning of the French Revolution
  1. North Korea’s Kim Jung Un
  1. Brooks Brothers 
  1. Bolsanaro of Brazil. He is also medicating himself with hydroxychloroquine.
  1. Graham as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee has refused two target BB’s opponents as Bunker Boy requested.
  1. Buy American!
  1. 2,000,000
  1. 15. In Florida the average age of victims is now 31
  1. Mary Trump, Bunker Boy’s niece
  1. The GOP convention
  1. Disney World
  1. 500
  1. Alexander Vindman
  1. The Far Side – catch it here.
  1. World Health organization. During the pandemic!
  1. Tik-Tok due to its parent company being in China
  1. Japan
  1. The Big Ten

cowards who helped Trump

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