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After a long weekend, the Iowa legislature finally adjourned for the year last Sunday afternoon. I was proud of the work our Legislative Black Caucus did in the final days of the legislative session to pass reforms and take the first step towards equity and justice for all people.

House Democrats offered a plan  to protect Iowa workers and support Iowa families being affected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, House and Senate Republicans had other priorities. In the closing days of session, here are just a few pieces of legislation Republicans rushed through the state legislature:

  • Blanket protections for large corporations who refuse to protect workers or abide by CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19
  • An abortion waiting period that further restricts a woman from making  her own healthcare decisions
  • A voter suppression bill that hamstrings county auditors and makes it more difficult for Iowans to vote absentee in an election year where absentee ballots will be more important than ever in ensuring Iowans can vote safely.

Instead of working on COVID relief together, House Republicans were more interested in playing politics. 

Dave, these partisan priorities from House Republicans are dangerous for Iowa. Democrats need to flip just four seats in November to take the majority in the Iowa House and end the Republican trifecta in state government.

We can’t do this without grassroots supporters like you. Please, make a $25 or more post-session contribution to the Todd Prichard Leadership Fund today to elect Democrats and kick partisanship to the curb in 2020. 

Our state legislature should be working for all Iowans – not big corporations and partisan special interests. We need to take back the Iowa House in November to flip the script and get our state back on track. Click here to make your post-session gift today.

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Thank you for your support.

Todd Prichard

Iowa House Democratic Leader


Money will be the lifeblood of every campaign. We have what is probably a unique opportunity this election cycle to turn Iowa blue. While national politics gets the headlines, as Todd Pritchard notes above Iowa families are most affected by what goes on in the statehouse.

If you want to see Iowa return to its once sensible agendas with family centered policies in the forefront we have to help with the cost of the races.

From the White House to the State House, vote BLUE, no matter who!

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