Ernst Refuses To Condemn Health Care Lawsuit

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Des Moines Register Editorial Board: “Republicans Should Withdraw Lawsuit Against the Affordable Care Act; Having Health Insurance is Crucial in a Pandemic”

Sen. Joni Ernst Refuses to Condemn Crushing Lawsuit That Would Rip Health Care from Her Constituents

Des Moines, Iowa — The Des Moines Register Editorial Board called on Republican leaders in the state—including Sen. Joni Ernst—to abandon their lawsuit that would destroy the Affordable Care Act and leave thousands of Iowans without health care in the middle of a global pandemic.

“The Supreme Court is set to hear the case this fall. It was brought by Republican-led states and backed by the Trump administration. The result could be striking down most or all of the health reform law, which would have disastrous consequences for Iowans.”

“Along with other Americans, we could lose the expansion of Medicaid and federal subsidies that help Iowans pay for private insurance. We could lose protections for people with preexisting conditions and coverage for young adults under their parents’ health insurance.”

“It is not only individual Iowans who would suffer. When people don’t have insurance, health providers and hospitals are not paid to treat them. The ensuing loss of revenue would compromise health services and infrastructure needed by all of us.”

The editorial board encouraged Sen. Joni Ernst to follow Attorney General Tim Miller’s lead and push for her Republican colleagues—namely President Trump—to drop the lawsuit.

That seems unlikely, given that Sen. Ernst has refused to abandon the lawsuit again and again.

You can read the full editorial here.

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Here The Lincoln Project captures Ernst’s SIX YEARS in the senate (30 seconds):

Remember she took the place of a highly honored, progressive senator, Tom Harkin.

Six years – she has done nothing. And she has chosen to support the worst president ever!

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