Sunday Funday: Remembering Edition

One of the pleasures of doing the quiz is to add the frills. Often, like this week, that means a new Randy Rainbow satire. Without further delay, take it away Mr. Rainbow!

Memorial Day for decades and decades has meant 2 things. First is the Indy 500. Second is opening of the public pools. This year we get neither. The Indy race is scheduled to run on August 23rd. Not sure I would place a bet on that. As for the pools my guess is that this will be a year without public pools. But we all have memories of great races and fun times at the pool.

Another strange week in the reign of King Donny Corona.

  1. Thursday it was revealed that at least four states were providing an inaccurate picture of new coronavirus cases by doing what?
  1. Donny Corona hands another huge gift to Vladimir Putin when Donny announces the US will withdraw from what arms control treaty?
  1. May 25th, 1787 – delegates gather in Philadelphia to begin to draw up what document?
  1. The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts June 1. However what first named storm of the season was spawned off the coast of Florida last weekend?
  1. A black citizen of Des Moines was attacked and beaten last Saturday in what appears to be a what?
  1. A woman in Wisconsin was diagnosed with Covid-19 last week even though she has been taking what for over 20 years?
  1. Following the firing of the State Department IG last week, what cabinet secretary has come under increasing fire for his misuse of public funds?
  1. Memorial Day evolved after the end of the US Civil War. How many soldiers died in our Civil War?
  1. Once again Donny Corona visits a worksite and refuses to publicly wear a mask. What plant did he visit last week?
  1. Let’s take a stroll. May 27, 1937 – what landmark opens with over 200,000 people walking across it?
  1. Heavy rain and breeched dams created major flooding in what state last week?
  1. Super typhoon Amphan smashed ashore in what highly populated Asian bay area?
  1. The stock market took a big jump Monday when what company announced phase 1 success for its Covid-19 vaccine?
  1. Covid-19 deaths in the US will soon surpass US deaths what 20th century war when they pass 116,000?
  1. The wife of what late astronaut, senator and presidential candidate succumbed to Covid-19 in Ohio at age 100 last week?
  1. What year did Memorial Day become recognized as an official holiday?
  1. Last week a video of Norma McCorvey surfaced where she admitted to changing her public stance on abortion for a bribe. What name was McCorvey much better known by?
  1. What company has withdrawn its iconic baby talc from sale following continuing legal battles?
  1. What politician described Donny Corona as “morbidly obese” during an interview last week?
  1. A family in Virginia went for a ride last week. They stopped to pick up a couple of bags in the road they thought were trash. When they got home and looked in the bags, what did they find?

Here’s a memory we wish we didn’t have. Richard Engel’s prognostication on election night 2016. Don’t let it happen again. (2 minutes)


  1. Combining antibody test numbers with initial tests for the virus. This would make the # of tests seem greater while finding fewer new cases.
  1. The “Open Skies “ Treaty
  1. The Constitution
  1. Hurricane Arthur
  1. A hate crime
  1. Hydroxychloroquine – she has been taking it for lupus
  1. SoS Mike Pompeo
  1. 650,000
  1. A Ford plant making ventilators in Michigan
  1. The Golden Gate Bridge
  1. Michigan. The flooding was in a city named Midland which also has a Dow chemicals plant.
  1. The Bay of Bengal
  1. Moderna
  1. World War I
  1. Annie Glenn. She was known in her own right for working with speech disabilities.
  1. 1971
  1. Jane Roe as in Roe v. Wade. 
  1. Johnson and Johnson
  1. Speaker Pelosi
  1. A million dollars in cash.

Keep a solemn Memorial Day.

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