Pandemic And Other Crises Makes A Person Wonder

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Don’t know if I agree with George Carlin’s analysis of humanity’s effect on the planet, but we have give some thought to his conclusion that the earth will deal with us at some point.

A person can’t be faulted these days for wondering if we are nearing the time when the earth has decided to deal with us, to shake us off like so many fleas as Carlin says. As Carlin suggested a virus is a nice starting point for earth to begin to deal with us. I do not know when this video was recorded, but it was certainly sometime during the AIDS crisis. But his suggestion is still true today.

Then of course there are the more – shall we say – traditional methods for Mother Earth to show her wrath. One method that we have to some degree made worse is climate changes. While the ice ages are not currently in the forecast, the opposite end of the spectrum seems to be upon us.

Just looking at the first 5 months of 2020 we see the world in toto apparently heading for yet again one of the hottest on record. The Australian summer gave us some preview of what may be coming with temperatures nearly 2 degrees C above average for the summer. This was Australia’s second hottest summer ever. The hottest was last year.

Who can forget the scenes of forest fires across Australia from their last spring? Animals dying all over the continent and people evacuating to the sea to avoid the wild fires. 

In the Northern Hemisphere with the coming of spring 2020 we have an almost biblical plague of locusts on the Horn of Africa and in the Middle East. This plague appears to be connected to torrential rainfalls during the fall and winter. The excess rainfall caused excess vegetation to spring up. This excess vegetation invited locust populations to go into a breeding frenzy which has lead to the huge amount of the critters.

Flooding has also been a problem across the African continent. So far the coronavirus has yet to become the problem that is has been in North America, Asia and Europe. However, one would think that would be coming. 

Also with the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere we are nigh upon the hurricane and tornado seasons. Mixing wildly violent weather and the displacement it is bound to cause with a pandemic that is extremely contagious will certainly cause major problems.

In case you missed it, one of the most densely populated areas in the world, the Bay of Bengal, was blasted by a super typhoon late in the week. The typhoon and hurricane seasons are just beginning.

This year is almost beginning to feel like humanity in general has ignored Mother Nature’s warnings over the past many decades and she is ready to send a much stronger message. Seems like we had best be paying attention this time.

On the other hand we are getting a small preview that there can be better days ahead. As our economy has taken a major pause, we have seen many big cities that are seeing clearing skies and breathing cleaner air for the first time in decades.

Listen to Mother Nature, folks.

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