Remember the U6 unemployment rate?

Remember back when the Republican Recession mess of 2008 moved to the management of the Obama Administration and Republicans started beating Obama up with the U6 unemployment numbers?

The U6 includes those who are capable of working but have become discouraged and have dropped out of looking. At the time republicans claimed this was a truer number than the unemployment number. Yet for some reason as Republicans hold office we never hear the U6 number.

The current official unemployment number is 14.7% which is around 36 million workers.

The current U6 number is 22.4%. A simple mathematical estimation shows that number is another 7.7% higher than the official number. If 14.7% is about 36 million then 22.4% would be about another 18 million or approximately (18 + 36) = 54 million.

It is always nice to compare apples to apples. Looks like more manipulation by the current administration.

There is one job that should be created and staffed quickly if the administration and state governors wanted to really help the economy. That would be contact tracers to followup on those who tested positive for coronavirus. This would be in conjunction with  greatly expanded testing (more jobs) and mandatory protective equipment in public.

How many do we need? Millions is my guess. In order to more safely open society we really need testing, tracing and mandatory protection.

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