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Videos from early March of O’hare Airport in Chicago when Americans were trying to return to the US (2 minutes)

As we head into the weekend set aside to honor our war dead, we are nearing and will pass another milestone number of victims of the coronavirus. If we have not reached one hundred thousand dead in the United States from the corona virus as you read this, we will very shortly. That will be a number we will roll over like a speed bump on our way to who knows how many. 

100,000 is a huge number of most everything. This is a number that has been arrived at in a very short time. There seems to be some quibbling about just when the first coronavirus death occurred in the US. It seems that the actually pandemic in the US really started with a death in Seattle on February 29th. That means that in just short of 3 months some 100,000 people have died.

In WWII the US lost about 415,000 soldiers to the war. In 3 months we have lost a quarter of what we lost in WWII. Now that we are going through a major wave of “re-opening” we can surely expect a new wave of infections and deaths.

The administration has very clearly shown that they have no concern for your life or mine. It will be up to you and I to take care of yourselves. Keep covering your face and keep your distances.

And Columbia University says ………

A study by Columbia University says that at least 36,000 of the deaths due to coronavirus could have been stopped, possibly more had social distancing and other measures gone into effect just one week earlier.

Other experts in the middle of April said 90% of the deaths (that means 90,000 people) could have been avoided had avoidance measures gone into effect two weeks earlier. 

Now the message coming from the White House and most state houses are that things are good enough to crank up the economy again. If things happen like they did previously in March and April we will be talking about 200,000 dead on Labor Day.

Memorial Day, 75 Years Ago

Imagine if you will, the feeling in the United States 75 years ago as the country observed its first Memorial Day after the surrender of Germany in Europe. There was still a war being waged in the Pacific, but the war in Europe was finally, thankfully done. The horror of the war was very fresh in the country’s mind. Many families were mourning the loss of family members who paid the ultimate price for their country.

The country was also reeling from the death of the man who had been  the president that pulled the country out of the depths of the Great Depression and then led them against the Axis. Yet with the vanquishing of Germany and Japan appearing to be near defeat there was a reason for great optimism underneath that somber Memorial Day.

And Joni Ernst Says – Trump Has Done Well!

Well, my teeth nearly fell out when I read this statement from our current senator Joni Ernst:    

When asked how President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic might impact her reelection race, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst was confident his response to the public health crisis will help her secure a second term.

“I think the president has actually handled it quite well, so I think it helps,” Ernst said, according to CNN. “I think he took some really great initial steps … the left was just hammering him on that and it was the right thing to do. And so, I think the president has done quite well.”

If 100,000 dead and no plan leading to fractured chaos across the country is “doing quite well” then what in the hell would your idea of doing bad be? My guess would be how Obama handled the ebola crisis in 2014. Nine cases with two deaths. That was some bad crisis management because it was done by a Democratic president.

Tying your campaign to a lead anchor and then throwing it overboard doesn’t seem like a really brilliant campaign strategy. I can hardly wait to see the debates where I hope we see some real journalists ask you to explain why 100,000 dead when 90% didn’t have to die is “done quite well.”

Don’t Forget The Primary!

From the Secretary of State’s web page:

Returning the Ballot

You can return your voted absentee ballot by mail. Absentee ballots received in the county auditor’s office by the time the polls close on election day are eligible for counting. Absentee ballots received after the polls close on election day must be postmarked by the Monday before election day or earlier and received in the county auditor’s office no later than noon on the Monday following the election.

 Got that? Get that ballot in the mail this week to be sure your vote gets counted!


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