After This Crisis, We Need Serious investigations

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As I write this we are nearing 50,000 deaths due to the corona virus. As many have noted sometime early next week, certainly by the May 1st deadline set by the current president for “reopening” America, we will surpass the death toll in the Viet Nam war. What took over 10 years to amass in Viet Nam will take about 7 weeks during the pandemic.

This is the deaths that we are know are directly related to the corona virus. There are a large number of deaths in this country that have simply not been checked to verify that the death was due to the corona virus. Particularly in the east, people have been dying in their homes and apartments. These folks are often not checked for to see if they were killed by the virus. The focus is to remove the body and have it taken care of as quickly as possible.

This is a massive amount of deaths in a short time. As most know, the US has by for the largest amount of deaths of any country in the world. In proportion to our population, the number of deaths in this country is massively out of sync. We have 4% of the worlds population and over a quarter of the world’s deaths due to the virus. That means we have about 7 times more deaths than we should according to our population.

That is a staggering number. Another staggering number is that the US has nearly 1/3 of the total number of cases of corona virus infection. Once again a number that is way out of line with our proportion of the world’s population. This number – the number of infected – is huge despite the fact that we have tested (as of Thursday) only about 4.5 million citizens. That is far less than 2% of our citizens.

How did these numbers get so huge so quickly? Make no doubt the single biggest reason is the current administrations refusal to deal with reality. Instead the administration’s seemingly two pronged  concern was to cover up the extent of the problem so the current president didn’t look bad and to make huge money out of the crisis for his family and his friends.

We know what he and his cohorts are doing. He is refusing to do what nearly any other American would do, which would be to shut down the country as much as could be done and then to bring the full power of the federal government to bear in beating the pandemics quickly and thoroughly as possible. Previous leaders in somewhat similar situations have done this in recent years quite successfully.

We also know that beside the late start on confronting the virus itself, the current president and his administration have in many cases stood four square against logical strategic moves to help rein in the disease. He and his administration have stopped shipments of PPE. They have stepped in and seized PPE from destinations. They have put PPE on the open markets causing the prices of equipment to skyrocket to several times their real prices. This has cause doctors and nurses to work in very unsafe conditions. They have also blocked shipments of test materials.

What we don’t know is why the current president is doing what he is doing. We need to know the exact reasons why the current president has chosen to act more as if he is at war with his own country. For some 225 years between laws and norms and political pressures, our chief executives have had some boundaries that when crossed would signal the end of that presidency. This president refuses to follow laws or any precedent as he has made himself the law.

Therefore as we go to the ballot box this fall keep in the back of your mind that we need to elect senators and representatives that will help initiate investigations into not only all aspects of the response to the corona virus, but also investigations into the dismantling of a government infrastructure that has taken decades and in some case (such as FDA) over a century to build. We need to understand the mindset behind the arrogance of an administration that is an outlaw –  that is, refuses to follow the law.

Congress will also need to create laws that will put teeth into enforcing these laws. The current president has thumbed his nose at the laws and then dared anyone to do anything about it. So far nothing has been done. Thus when a life and death crisis reared its head in this country, the president once again did whatever he felt like with little fear of reprisal.

Also remember that one reason that the president has been able to thumb his nose at the law is because his party in Congress has acted more like his servants than like those who have a vested interest in good government. That has also been true of judges appointed to the judiciary during his term. He has known that if any charges brought against him, his party in congress and in the judiciary will act for his well being over the well being of the country.

Those elected to the next congress must be willing to create parameters within which the president can operate. They must be willing to to investigate and let the evidence lead the way. As the real holders of power in this country, the electorate, we must demand that the senators and representatives that we vote for will once again put the good of the country first. To do that they must be willing to open investigations that will ferret out all that went wrong in response to the corona virus and other laws and regulations that this administration dismantled.

To fail to do this will guarantee it will all happen again.

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