Sunday Funday: Reopen America Week Edition

Look who’s on top of the latest news story! 3 minutes:

Listening to Governor Reynolds has been a bit surreal this week. She is putting a big bet on her new Test Iowa program. At a pace of 5000 a day, it will take @ 600 days or 1 and 2/3rds years to do all Iowans. Since it takes some time to schedule the test and some lag time for results it is not exactly real time. Not being close to real time seems to make it a poor basis to bet peoples lives on. Yet that appears to be her premise that Iowa businesses should be re-opened.

Reynolds went out of her way to keep meat packing operations open with disastrous results. It feels like she is doubling down on those results. This is especially questionable at a time when Iowa’s cases are skyrocketing. As many know in comparison to our neighbor to the north, Minnesota we look like a disease infested mess. We passed Minnesota in total cases about 2 weeks ago and have left them in the dirt. Last I looked we had about 1200 more cases than Minnesota which has a population nearly twice that of Iowa.

The other really odd thing is that Reynolds shows a real affinity for Republican governors to our west while ignoring Democratic governors to our north and east. Almost feels like those of us in eastern Iowa are an afterthought.

But apparently the bottom line for Republican governors is to get businesses to reopen so that workers will no longer be able to claim they are unemployed. As Reynolds put it in her presser Friday, if a worker refuses to return to work when a business reopens, that is a voluntary quit. As a voluntary quit a worker is no longer eligible for unemployment. 

So you can return to work and risk getting a deadly disease or starve. That is a Republican win-win. Or alternative 3 as presented by the current president, Donny Corona, you can drink Lysol or stick a UV bulb up your ass.

Oy Vey!

  1. So far how many cases of Covid-19 in Wisconsin can be traced back to the forced in person voting for the Wisconsin Supreme Court seat?
  1. Oil had a rough week. Early in the week, oil was trading at what incredible low?
  1. A bad idea during these times of staying at home has seniors posting pictures of what that may give scammers information to scam these seniors?
  1. Donny Corona claimed Friday that he was being “sarcastic” in talking about using what to treat corona virus patients?
  1. The Navy announced Friday that the number of ships with corona virus outbreaks increased to how many?
  1. Events now cancelled for this summer include what weeklong moving celebration that brings folks from around the world to Iowa?
  1. Tyson Foods finally closed their plant in Waterloo after much pressure from the county while they slowly reopened their plant in what southeast Iowa town?
  1. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said states should do what rather than be “bailed out” by the federal government?
  1. HHS Secretary Alex Azar tapped Brent Harrison to run the department’s response to the day-to-day Covid-19 pandemic in January. What was Harrison’s previous job?
  1. The oldest brother of what recent presidential candidate died last week of the corona virus in Oklahoma?
  1. What national restaurant chain was fined $25 million for selling tainted food from 2015 to 2018 in a Los Angeles court?
  1. The Iowa Legislature will be reopening also, on what date?
  1. The Governor of Maryland used some inside help (his Korean wife) to obtain 500,000 Covid-19 testing kits from South Korea. What national figure attacked him for this?
  1. Apparently a domestic dispute set off a 22 person killing rampage last weekend in what Canadian province?
  1. What secretive dictator has been the subject of speculation that he is near death or possibly totally fine?
  1. April 30, 1789. George Washington becomes what?
  1. On Tuesday Donny Corona supported Georgia Gov. Kemp for doing what, which he (Donny) then admonished him (Kemp) for on Wednesday?
  1. What country announced it would hold its Parliament via Zoom?
  1. Investigation now shows that the first Covid-19 death took place in what state as much as 3 weeks before the first death in Washington took place?
  1. How many claims for unemployment insurance have been processed (there is a backlog) in the past 5 weeks?


  1. 19 was the last number I saw – update 40 in Milwaukee County alone as reported on wuwm radio late Friday.
  1. -$37 (and change) an barrel
  1. Pictures of their high school graduating classes
  1. Internally taking Lysol or disinfectants and UV light. He has no sense of humor, so it was unlikely a joke.
  1. 27 – with a new one added Friday.
  1. Columbus Junction
  1. Declare bankruptcy – which is illegal for them to do
  1. He was a dog breeder who bred labradoodles. Great experience!
  1. Elizabeth Warren’s brother Don Reed Herring died in Oklahoma of the corona virus
  1. Chipotle
  1. May 1st
  1. Donny Corona
  1. Nova Scotia
  1. North Korea’s Kim Jung Un
  1. The first president of the United States
  1. Planning to open Kemp’s state (Georgia) for business Friday
  1. The UK 
  1. California on Feb 6th. Even at that early date the current administration had been warned at least a month previous.
  1. 26 million. Unemployment rate is nearing 20%

Recent photo of Kim Jung Un snuck out of the PRNK: (people’s republic of North Korea)

recent picture of Kim Jung Un

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