The Ads Are Making Themselves

And Trump is, as usual, threatening to sue.

The Chosen One, our Dear Leader, who couldn’t lead his way out of a paper bag, is having his actual words and actions being used by Democrats in ads. When a leader is so incompetent, so ill-equipped to do his job, such a national disgrace and so inept that if the situations were not so critical he would be little more than a buffoon caricature, why not let him make our ads?

  Here is one that was so repugnant to Dear Leader that he had some lawyer (Rudy maybe? Or is he still out digging up dirt on Biden?) send a cease and desist letter to TV stations to stop running this ad. Yet the ad is just Dear Leader speaking on the pandemic as he did nothing and the pandemic grew to the point where we are now the epicenter of Covid-19.

Guess we didn’t get a C & D letter. We aren’t a TV station.

Or there is this one that apparently is also making Trump sick:

And of course there are always the online memes and posts that go viral:

trump is culpable

Gee ain’t free speech wonderful? Let’s use it while we still can.

If you really like free speech, vote Democratic this fall from the county court house clear to the White House.

And let’s not forget the propaganda arm of this outfit: (1.5 minutes)

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