Sunday Funday: Hunkering Down Edition

Wow – here it comes. Looks like the pandemic is roaring thanks in great part to a total lack of action by the Chosen One and only slightly more action by our puppet of a governor. 

Our best hopes that all Iowans and Americans can survive the double edge sword of the virus and the lack of leadership. When you can, stay in, when you can’t, please be extremely careful. Wear what ever protection you can find or finagle, wash your hands often, take along some disinfectants if you can.

At a time like this we could use a laugh. Who better to deliver that laugh than Sunday Funday favorite Randy Rainbow:

Oy Vey! Here is hoping it gets better:

  1. What international leader, who originally took the corona virus lightly, announced he had the bug Thursday?
  1. On what day did the US become the the top country in terms of number of Covid-19 cases
  1. What NPR affiliate quit carrying the administration’s daily press conference live “due to a pattern of false or misleading information provided that cannot be fact checked in real time”?
  1. What Republican congress member from Kentucky chose to force a floor vote on the massive disaster aid bill forcing congress members to return to DC to vote?
  1. Still Women’s History Month. What is the highest position of power any woman has achieved in our national government?
  1. What long time journalist and host of “Iowa Press” died last week at age 81?
  1. The owner of what US craft store chain decided to keep the chain stores open after receiving a “message from God”?
  1. In Italy a decision was made early this week to no longer allow people of what age to have access to ventilators in hospitals?
  1. Among other incredibly stupid ideas, Dear Leader proposes that businesses should be reopening on what significant date?
  1. Another crazy idea, since rejected, was to put troops on what US border?
  1. A tough one here: What woman was the first woman elected governor without having been married to a man who served as governor first?  (Hint: Connecticut, late 1970s)
  1. Iowa extended early voting for the June 2nd primaries to 40 days. Thus early voting will be starting on what date?
  1. How many people filed for unemployment insurance last week?
  1. In Kentucky, at least one person tested positive for Covid-19 after a group held what kind of a gathering?
  1. Using the cover offered by Covid-19 what cabinet department has suspended its enforcement of environmental laws?
  1. Bernie Sanders indicated he will stay in the race for the Democratic nomination for the presidency until what state’s primary?
  1. Many large events announced postponement last week including what huge international sporting event?
  1. What global landmark reopened last week after being shut down for months due to Covid-19? (Hint: think of what country was the first with Covid-19)
  1. What controversial, private Christian university announced it would reopen last week?
  1. How many women are currently serving as state governors in the US?
Obama trump real difference

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  1. Boris Johnson in the UK
  1. Thursday (we’re #1!)
  1. Seattle’s KUOW (university of Washington) 
  1. Thomas Massie
  1. Speaker of the House – Nancy Pelosi
  1. Dean Borg
  1. Hobby Lobby
  1. 60
  1. Easter (why? “Because it’s a beautiful day.”)
  1. Canadian
  1. Ella Grasso 1975 – 1980 She resigned because of ovarian cancer and died shortly thereafter
  1. April 23rd
  1. 3.3 million in the US – 21,000 in Iowa
  1. A corona virus party. 
  1. The EPA
  1. New York April 28th
  1. The Tokyo Olympics
  1. The Great Wall of China reopened a small segment to limited people
  1. Liberty University in Virginia
  1. 9 – Iowa, Oregon, New Mexico, Kansas, Alabama, Michigan, Maine, Rhode Island and South Dakota

Happy Birthday, Madam Speaker! Your leadership in this time of crisis has been so vital. I shudder to think how things might be this #ThursdayMorning if the Republicans still controlled the House. – TheDailyEdge tweet

Speaker Pelosi turned 80 Thursday

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1 Response to Sunday Funday: Hunkering Down Edition

  1. C.A. says:

    In the interest of fairness to Hobby Lobby, not that Hobby Lobby deserves the fairness, it should be noted that a recent story in a business publication pointed out that Michael’s and Joann Fabric stores are also doing their level best to stay open wherever they can by claiming that they are “essential businesses.” You know, like pharmacies. According to the business publication, Joann Fabrics even fabricated (har!) a fake story about how hospitals asked J.F. stores to stay open for the sake of making masks and protective gear.

    The real story here is what happens when you don’t have a national lockdown like many other nations, or even clear guidelines for what “essential” means, but just a contradictory patchwork of state rules and guidelines. And then you hope all U.S. businesses and individuals will do all the right things. Because we know from experience that all individuals and businesses are trustworthy, responsible, and quick to think of the public good and to always act accordingly. (Hey, that’s why Iowa’s water is so clean!)

    As an aside, since female governors are part of this quiz, I’d like to offer a shout-out to Michigan’s good woman governor who DID order a state lockdown, instead of just getting tears in her eyes at a press conference and telling her citizens to hang in there. Trump hates her. Three cheers for Gretchen Whitmer.


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