Al Franken Has A Blog

This YouTube of a recent Al Franken podcast is 55 minutes long, but worth a listen:

I was delighted to find out this week that Al Franken has a blog. Count me among one of his greatest fans as a politician. When I saw a post linking to the Franken blog I had to read it immediately.

One of Franken’s best qualities is that he doesn’t pull punches. Maybe that comes from his days as a comedian. As a comedian the job description implicitly has the comedian roasting those in power and speaking truth to them. We only need to remember the name of the book that Franken wrote about the Rush Limbaugh back in the 90s: “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations.”

With all that is going on these days, I was sure Franken would take on the orange gas bag that lives in the White House with his usual straight up language. I was not disappointed. Here is an example:

“Well, it finally isn’t funny anymore – the grandiosity, the ignorance, the cruelty, the bullying, the racism, the petty insults and incessant stupidity. But especially the non-stop lying.

The greatest asset that a president can bring to a crisis is credibility.

Yep – straight forward, right from the get-go. And Franken went on:

“That the President of the United States is a malignant narcissist who could allow no fact to stand that contradicted his insatiable need for self-aggrandizement has been of little concern to establishment Republicans. The stock market was climbing. They were getting richer. And they had cover from the right-wing media to fool enough of his base into believing his limitless dishonesty.”

Until this crisis, Trump has paid no real price for his constant, pathological mendacity. Before politics, the man had spent his entire career in a business where, evidently, there was no accountability for inveterate lying.

But for this crisis there is accountability. And instead of leading, Donald Trump’s focus has been where it always has been – on Donald Trump. “I give myself a ten out of ten.” “We are very close to a vaccine.” “I don’t take responsibility at all.” “Anybody who needs a test can get a test. And the tests are perfect. Like the letter was perfect. The transcript was perfect.”

It is a true shame we are unable to hear words like this coming from an actual senator these days. Sherrod Brown comes close sometimes, but when it comes to sticking a needle in the giant gasbags in control right now no one could do it as well as Al Franken.

And in case you missed it, Al Franken also has a pod cast. Some of the very few liberal radio stations around the country carry this podcast as does channel 127 on Sirius XM (9AM central time on Saturday), but if you want to listen to a good podcast it can be accessed on the front page at 

Al Franken Official Senate Portrait

May be dangerous to overblown gas bag politicians

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