Sunday Funday: 3 Weeks To Launch Edition

Another Trump lie debunked

Remember that dart board your spouse got for you this Christmas so you could scientifically pick your choice for the Democratic nominee for president? Time to get it out and start practicing, the time is nigh upon us. In case you missed it, the caucuses are 3 weeks from tomorrow. Party time!

This will be followed by Get Out of Iowa Tuesday when Iowans will feel the effects of jet blasts as airplanes by the score move candidates, staffers and journalists east. Effects should be done by noon on Tuesday.

Also remember that the never-ending war the Trump starts today will be waiting for your unborn children when they come of age.

  1. The governor of what state is proposing that the state manufacture their own generic drugs if drug companies refuse to negotiate prices with the state?
  1. The Chosen One claimed that what served as a notification to congress of a possible attack on Iran?
  1. What Caribbean island was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake Monday morning?
  1. Iowa’s Attorney General, Tom Miller, achieved what milestone Saturday?
  1. ActBlue, the online political contribution portal for progressive candidates, passed what milestone in online donations in 2019?
  1. What California congress member will leave his seat tomorrow – more than a month after pleading guilty to campaign finance violations?
  1. Most of the passengers on the Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran Wednesday were believed to be headed to what country?
  1. As the fires rage on in Australia, do you know the name of their climate change denying Prime Minister?
  1. Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand decried the bad data he found in an audit of what division of Medicaid Services?
  1. Federal prosecutors recommended up to 6 months in prison for what former National Security Advisor?
  1. Iowa State law enforcement officials once again issued a warning that marijuana is not legal in Iowa even though it is legal in which of our neighboring states?
  1. What national chain seller of import goods announced Monday that it will close half of its stores as it heads to bankruptcy?
  1. An investigation of what former SoS, pushed hard by the current president, ended Thursday as investigators found nothing?
  1. Which royals in Britain have announced they are “stepping back” from their duties?
  1. A mystery illness – an unidentified form of viral pneumonia – has broken out in what large Chinese city?
  1. What former administration official said he would testify in an impeachment trial if subpoenaed?
  1. Former Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro endorsed which of his former opponents Tuesday?
  1. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is trying to hide the cost of what governmental cost? (Hint: presidential travels)
  1. Since 1991, the mortality rate due to cancer has dropped by what percentage?
  1. The Chosen One proposed a rule change that would limit public input and environmental reviews for what?

Reminder that as this crisis escalates, we have no Director of National Intelligence, no Dep Dir, no Homeland Security Secretary, no Dep Sec, no head of CBP or ICE, no State Dept Under Sec of Arms Control, no Asst Sec for Europe, and no Navy Sec. – Garrett M. Graff


  1. California
  1. His tweets
  1. Puerto Rico
  1. He became the longest serving state AG in the country’s history
  1. Over $1B in donation for 2019
  1. Duncan Hunter
  1. Canada
  1. Scott Morrison
  1. Home health care
  1. Michael Flynn
  1. Illinois
  1. Pier 1 Imports
  1. Hillary Clinton
  1. Prance Harry and Meghan Markle
  1. Hong Kong
  1. John Bolton
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. The cost of Secret Service to cover the president and his family on their travels. Since their travel often happens at Trump properties the president is getting a cut of what the SS spends.
  1. 29%
  1. Some major infrastructure projects including pipelines and highways.

Republicans start unnecessary war without a plan for success, explode deficit, eventually destroy economy and exacerbate economic injustice with larcenous deregulation. Rinse. Repeat. – Bradley Whitford

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