Sunday Funday: Fall Some Direction Edition

Here we go again. Along with changing the clock you get to listen to my semi-annual complaining about changing the clock. What an insane system. We will now go through two weeks of people being all goofed up because the time on the clock doesn’t match the time in their minds and bodies. So we go through re-adjustment that will just about be complete when it will be time to change again.

All this so some folks can barbecue an hour later in the summer and candy companies can sell more Halloween candy in the fall.

This year we (our family) have an extra layer of confusion. One daughter has moved into a state that (of all the sanity) DOES NOT change its clocks. Not in the fall, not in the spring, not for any old thing. I have warned her not to be surprised if I lose track of time,  her time and my time, and call her in the middle of the night someday. Or the middle of somebody’s night anyway.

Well, one thing is for sure, spring or fall the Donald mob will keep the crime up.

  1. As if Rudy Giuliani doesn’t cause enough trouble with his mouth, now he accidentally calls reporters using his what?
  1. Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit) has once again even delayed. What is the new Brexit date?
  1. According to White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham who was “was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president.”?
  1. What presidential library is under threat from wild fires in California?
  1. The man who gave the world the taco pizza died last week. Joe Whitty was the founder of what Midwest pizza chain?
  1. Friday night was the annual Iowa Democratic Party’s Liberty and Justice Celebration fundraiser in Des Moines. What name did this event used to go by?
  1. What famous New Yorker declared last week that he was changing his residency from New York to Florida?
  1. The teachers’ strike in what major US city was settled Thursday?
  1. What Democratic presidential candidate revealed a Medicare for All plan Friday claiming that middle class taxes will not go up at all?
  1. November 3, 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first inhabited space flight with a little what name Laika on board?
  1. In an hour long Sunday morning rambling speech, The Chosen One claimed he had killed the head of what terrorist group?
  1. Kenny Heslep is the soon to be ex-husband who posted naked photos on conservative internet websites of what California congress member that caused her to resign her congressional seat?
  1. What social media giant banned political ads Wednesday?
  1. Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the World Series, who got loudly booed by the crowed in Washington, DC Sunday?
  1. Washington won the World Series this year. How long had it been since a Washington team won the World Series?
  1. An Iowa woman was killed Sunday when shrapnel from an inadvertently created pipe bomb struck her in the head at what kind of a party?
  1. In a truly creepy story out of Missouri, the state health director tracked the what of Planned Parenthood clients?
  1. The Mayor and Chief of Police of what city boycotted a visit to their city by the Chosen One?
  1. In an amazing bit of real life irony, who went on Fox News and called out Hunter Biden for making money off his father’s name?
  1. In a speech before GOP donors, the Chosen One said that what person in his life wouldn’t cry if he were shot?

Donald Trump could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and freelance Drunk Driving Poster Boy and professional moron Matt Gaetz would harass the living f*ck out of the detectives trying to do their jobs. – Jeff Tiedrich


  1. Butt
  1. January 31st
  1. Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly
  1. The Reagan Library
  1. Happy Joe’s 
  1. Jefferson-Jackson day dinner
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Chicago
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Dog
  1. ISIS
  1. Katie Hill
  1. Twitter
  1. The Chosen One
  1. 95 years ago in 1924.
  1. A gender reveal party
  1. Their periods – this was so he could calculate if anyone may have had an abortion
  1. Chicago
  1. Donald Trump, Jr.
  1. His current wife Melania

The Craven (90sec)

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